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Tech Trends: Technology Should Be Applied Across The Entire Agriculture Value Chain To Improve Yield – Jerry Oche

Jerry Oche - cfamedia

Agritech is, one space that is, proving to be the next big thing, for start-ups.

With the application of various technological innovations, to improve efficiency and output, a number of Agritech start-ups, are creating solutions, to eliminate farm losses.

I had a chat with Jerry Oche, Co-founder, Zowasel and he analysed how technology, can be leveraged, to boost the agricultural sector and many more, on Tech Trends show, on Channels Television, recently.

CFA: How best, do you think technology can be applied in Agriculture?

Jerry: Interestingly, we are still at the convergence of technology into agriculture and agriculture into technology.

We’ve seen young lads, start-ups, trying to use technology to empower, all aspects of our agricultural value chain, right from land preparation, clearing, cultivation itself, harvesting and all of that, using data to analyse and predict, what will, likely, happen across the ecosystem.

We’re just exploring opportunities, innovating, to see how we can solve problems.

CFA: Explain the concept of Agritech?

Jerry: Again, the concept of Agritech is, the use of technology, to the Agricultural value chain. If you look at what is going on, around the continent, you will see start-ups, trying to use innovation in technology, to solve Agricultural problems, from across different value chains.

From drones, even, down to analysis, such as live data. Try to capture live data and predict what will happen and of course, even, down to, spraying Agricultural inputs across the farm, unlike what we have, some years back.

CFA: When the government announces that, young people should move to the farms. How would you interpret such an instruction os such an advice?

Jerry: I think it’s good because that just gives an opportunity for young people to come and key into the different aspects of the Agricultural Value Chain.

It’s not necessary for them to use hoes, to farm, as it were, in the last decade, but he is, actually, going to use technology, to innovate.

He’s not one of those that, actually, go to the farms.

It’s a whole lot of value chain that, people need to tap into. It is, just for you to look at what is necessary for you. If you want to look at the commodity aspect.

It’s big. Processing is there, cultivation itself is there, data analysis is there, so, there is, so much aspect that, people can tap into, not necessarily, going to use the conventional hoes and all of that, to farm.

You can watch the full interview here