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Tech Trends: Tech Ecosystem Must Have A Voice In Policy Formulation To Scale – Oare Ehiemua

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There is no doubt that the more vibrant the tech ecosystem is, the less unemployment rate we will have in the polity, as the vibrancy will translate to generating more employment opportunities in the ecosystem.

Thus, reducing the unemployment rate in the country and also, improving the country’s GDP, through their various activities.

How has the tech ecosystem fared in 2019 and what could be done, to make things better, in the ecosystem in 2020?

These and many more questions were answered by Oare Ehiemua, Founder, Laborhack, in an interview I had with her on Tech Trends show on Channels Television, recently.

CFA: Oare, glad to have you on the show today.

Oare: Thank you for having me.

CFA: How do you say the technology ecosystem fared in 2019?

Oare: I would say that, in general, the tech scene in Nigeria has been on a steady rise and 2019 was not different. There were a number of interesting entries, into the space.

There were, also, a number of interesting investments made, as well and also, given the increase in FDI inflow into the country.

You can tell that, the international community is buzzing, with what Africa and Nigeria has to offer, so, from that perspective, I think 2019 was a glorious year.

Given, also, the fact that, we have so many tech celebrities as well, coming into the country to see things for themselves.

A few fortunate people were privileged to meet them one-on-one. Hopefully, I will get to that level, where I will be meeting with the Twitter CEO, but in general, I think 2019 was a good year. Just a testament to the potentials of the Nigerian and where we are going to.

CFA: Now, in some countries, large corporates play important roles. What roles do you think the large corporates in Nigeria can play, to help the ecosystem grow?

Oare: I think that there were some wins, but I’m probably being optimistic, as a few others might be, about the amount of support that we’re getting from government, from policymakers in the space. I think that a lot more, could have been done.

I, also, think that a few policies were put in, to, actually, detract young entrepreneurs from scaling and these things, need to be addressed.

I think that, the tech community itself, has to find a way of gaining a voice, especially, trying to influence the narrative, when it comes to policy making, when it comes to government influence in it, in terms of what we’re doing because, most times, you do find out that, people in the public space, do not really understand technology, or, what is intended to be done.

When you do not have a voice from the tech space that is, actively, trying to influence the narrative, then, what you do find is that, things happen and it, more or less, scales back on your potentials, as opposed to helping you move forward, so, I would say, it was a mixed bag, but probably, more negative than positive.

You can watch the full interview here

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