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Tech Trends: Oluwatobi Bares His Mind On How Internet Of Things Can Be Of Benefit To Africans

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Internet of Things, IoT, is, arguably one technological innovation, that is making life easy for folks living in the Western world and Europe, but just at its infancy in Africa.

I, recently, had a chat with Oluwatobi Oyinlola, an Embedded Systems Engineer, who is, also, a Partner at rLoop Incorporated, as guest on Tech Trends show on Channels Television and he shared with the viewers, on his experience with IoT and how it can be of benefit to us, as Nigerians, in particular, and Africans, generally.

CFA: Tell us a bit, about your IoT experience?

Oluwatobi: Well, the journey has been, really, interesting. As a graduate in Nigeria, studying in a State University, I realized that, a lot needs to be done, in the space of building smart solutions.

We are not smart enough, as a Nation, in Africa, so, if you have things, connecting to things, things connecting to devices, these are smarter things we intend to have in Africa, but there is no way we could do that, if we don’t have passionate Nigerians that could build such solutions.

I decided to take it up, as a challenge, in order, to improve my intellect, to research more about Internet of Things, so, I began to build locally made solutions.

I decided not to really look outside my region, so, source almost all the components, locally and get it done, locally. This keeps the drive in me, to keep moving forward and to do smart things.

CFA: Before we go forward, can you explain the whole concept of IoT?

Oluwatobi: IoT is, basically, a situation, where you have devices and you want to, remotely, access them, whereby, you’re not there, physically.

If you have a mobile phone and you want to take some data of the temperature from your room, or you have a camera installed somewhere, you don’t have to be, physically, there.

You can just, open your laptop and remotely connect to it. You can send some information to the camera that, ‘okay, camera, you can swing left, or, right’, or, get the feedback from the camera.

Probably you are about to go to your house and you’re so hungry, you want to make a coffee, you just send a command from your mobile phone and before you get to the house, the coffee is ready.

You don’t have to be physically there. Talking to devices remotely is one of the important things with IoT.

You can watch the full interview here

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