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Tech Trends: Nigerian Software Developers Need Patronage Of Government And Nigerians To Scale; Uduak

I, recently, had Uduak Akpabio, Head, Founder,, as guest on Tech Trends show on Channels Television and he shared with the viewers on the need for the Nigerian government and people, to patronise Nigerian software developers and more.

CFA: Do you think that technology can improve the standard of living of the average Nigerian?

Uduak: I believe that technology can solve Nigeria’s problems and it can improve our standard of living. I was born in the year, when the Cameroon Mountain last shook and people felt it as far as Calabar; as far as Uyo, but, incidentally, in the city of Uyo, when I was born, I was born, I was two months early. My survival, ultimately, depended on incubating, being in an incubator, which is a form of technology.

Technology is so simple that, you can go as far back as, looking at the cutlass that people use in the farms. For me to have survived and lived this long and being given the grace to contribute, definitely, technology kept me alive. Technology can improve and of course, make better, the standard of living for everyone, not just in Nigeria, but across Africa.

CFA: Let me ask you. How well, do you think, we are taking advantage of technology?

Uduak:. For me, in my instance, it was my uncle, who had a level of exposure. He literarily flew in from Lagos and rushed me and said, no, we wrapped me up, we do this. He created that incubator at home. Our people are so learned. Go to the North, the East, the South, West; everywhere. One of the things I always say is that, it’s not restricted to Lagos alone, so, you can start and say, okay, from Lagos, you have a massive start-up industry.

In Calabar, we spring-boarded and we are still in that struggle, but ultimately, you see that there is a shift, so, we can’t say we have we have the same volume that Lagos has, in the start-up ecosystem; we can’t say we have the same volume in the volume of products, but I can bet that, by quality of products, we are at par.

Maybe, time will prove us right, but for Nigeria as a whole and technology usage, I would say we are still learning to understand, what we should yearn for. This is because, it is not enough to have projects that are going to tell us; oh, Lagos to Calabar. We want a Lagos to Calabar speed-wheel, but we want a Lagos to Calabar speed-wheel that can, in the future, run speed trains that are built by Nigerians.

You can watch the full interview here

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