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Tech Trends: Government’s Support For Right Of Way; Antidote For Reduced Data Cost – Adebiyi Oke

The promise of technology does not just drive entrepreneurship, but also, helps solve some of the world’s big problems, like poverty, climate change, pollution and others. There can be great synergy between entrepreneurship and doing good, if technology is deployed for the right objectives.

I, recently, had a chat with Adebiyi Oke, Programs Director, Silicon Base Advisory Group, on the Tech Trends show on Channels Television and he shared his thoughts on how technology can be used to solve some of our big problems and lots more.

CFA: In what ways, do you think that, the government can help in solving some of our big problems, using technology.

Adebiyi: There are several ways, I believe and professionally, we believe that, government can, actually, help in solving so many of our national issues, using technology. It starts with policy making, in the first place. The Federal and State governments can, actually, play their roles in policy formations, as regards, helping the people to overcome certain costs, we believe that technology would solve most of our problems.

It’s already, actually, doing so, in some areas, but it’s not achieving the required mileage. Take for instance, the fibre optics infrastructure companies. I believe, quite well that, if government would support them, Right of Way would be less of an issue and they would be able to deploy all of these infrastructures and people can, actually, benefit from them, as much as possible.

CFA: You know, you mentioned this issue of Right of Way, this issue has been like, forever. How do we solve it, once and for all? I mean, we’re talking about 2019, here.

Adebiyi: Yes. I believe that the reason we can’t solve that problem is because of the greed of the government of the day. They would want to make money from everything they can lay their hands on, but it’s painful that, they are not being creative about this.

They are not looking at the fact that, if they do not take the fees that come from the Right of Way, and they, actually happen, of course, with some high level control, in terms of deployment and they actually, map out, where they want this infrastructure to go, we believe that, this can make the necessary impact.

The money they are looking to get from the Right of Way can, actually, be gotten from the usage the populace, of the technology in the long run. How they use the internet, to solve their problems.

Today, people are paying, through their noses, for data subscription and all of that. Why they are doing that, is not just for the fun of it. They are doing that, so that, they can, actually, be productive, in one way, or, the other. I sincerely believe that, if government should take that, out of the way and internet is, actually, deployed, across several States and Local Governments, we believe that, people can adopt this thing and even, education will become a lot better and literacy level will improve.

You can watch the full interview here