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Tech Trends: Francisca Urges Nigerian Businesses To Adopt The .ng Domain Name For Their Website URL

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The .ng is the Internet country code top-level domain, (ccTLD), for Nigeria and Nigerian businesses are advised, to adopt it as their preferred URL, for their business purposes by Francisca Iloezuna, Product Manager, Upperlink, as she joined me for a discussion on Tech Trends show on Channels Television.

She shared the attribute of the .ng domain name and the benefits that entrepreneurs that adopt it as their preferred URL, stands to gain.

CFA: What does DNS mean?

Francisca: When we talk about the DNS, we are talking about the Domain Name System and of course, when you talk about the domain name, you cannot talk about it, without the IP addresses, so, the IP addresses are what is formed.

They are large numbers that are translated into alphabets, to form a particular name, which you desire, so that, the internet can communicate with the server and you will be able to get the information, or, it is going to bring out the information needed.

For example, we have which is a domain name. Obviously, when you type in, that is what you know, but there are some processes that go behind, which is a particular number, some numbers that are so large, that you cannot even remember. It translates that to those numbers.

It interacts with the internet to bring out the information that you need. For us to be able to remember the address we want to give to people, they narrowed it down, for us to have alphabetical names, whichever ones you want to have, which is known as the domain name, so that people can remember.

Take, for instance, I want to own a website and I need to sell on my website, I cannot give you numbers.

You cannot remember those numbers, so, I must have to think of a particular name for my website, then, I give that out to you and you type that into your browser.

It translates it into the IP address, communicates with the internet and the server, then, you will be able to have all the information I have, about my website to you. That is what is, what it, (DNS), simply means.

CFA: Looking at DNS globally, how has Nigeria fared?

Francisca: I would say we are struggling. We have not gotten there yet. We are really, struggling.

I would like to start with the adoption of the ccTLD, (country code top-level domain).

Let’s start from there. If you look at South Africa, (I’m narrowing it down to Africa, right now), they have over one million domain names accepted.

Looking at Nigeria, what is our population? Over 120 million and we don’t have up to one million domain names.

I think we are still in the thousands, like a hundred thousand, in the whole of Nigeria.

You can see the wide gap. I’m just talking about Africa, so, if I now leave Africa and enter Europe, what do you expect? We have the .eu. We have the .uk. We have all those extensions that, the indigenes have adopted and they are using it daily.

Coming down to Nigeria, we are not doing so well. I think we should be able to start with our own brand, which is the .ng. Let’s embrace it.

Start from there and see where we are going to do, with the adoption of the domain name system, (DNS), in Nigeria.

You can watch the full interview here

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