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Tech Trends: Engage real Digital Marketing Agencies to achieve favorable ROI; Daniel Malik

With the advent of the internet, Digital Marketing has also evolved over the years to assist business owners in showcasing their products, services and solutions to potential customers, who they actually intend to turn to paying customers, having a wider reach over the traditional marketing through the print and electronic media of Newspapers and radio. I recently spoke with Daniel Malik, Founder, Lagos Digital Marketing, on the opportunities and challenges of Digital Marketing. 

CFA: Daniel, you’re welcome to Tech Trends.

Daniel: Thank you so much, CFA.

CFA: Do share with us, your opinion of the Digital landscape today?

Daniel: Years ago, a lot of people were actually doing the normal traditional marketing, but now, it’s different. So many businesses are seeking how to actually just know how to use Digital Marketing, Social Media and Email Marketing to enhance their business, creating engagement online through the social platforms. This is because, most people right now are mobile users, you know, with Android phones and all that.If a person wakes up in the morning right now, the first thing he checks is his mobile phone. He wants to know whether there’s an Email, he wants to know whether a message came in from WhatsApp, so, right now, businesses are actually seeking right now, to engage with consumers online. That’s one huge thing that I actually think is happening right now, especially, in Africa that is growing by the day, a lot of signups on Emails. You can’t even use an Android phone without having an Email address.

CFA: Usually, businesses complain about Return On Investment. What’s your opinion on that?

Daniel: For me, I don’t think it is complex and I will explain. Digital Marketing is one of the best place where you can actually monitor and get the analysis of whatever you’re doing online, for example, on your website, you can know the number of clicks, you will be able to measure. I, however, think what the issue is, is that we have so many quack Digital Marketers, so to say. A lot of people call themselves Digital Marketers, when they cannot actually give clients the revenue they actually desire, so, it’s a big issue, when they are called upon to give them the result of whatever their client have invested. That is actually where people have issues with on Return On Investment, but if you are actually working with a real Agency, I believe that it’s easy for you to measure whatever your Return is.

You can watch the full interview here

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