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Tech Companies Partner WHO for COVID-19 Hackathon

COVID-19 Hackathon - cfamedia

Facebook, Microsoft and other big tech platforms have partnered the World Health Organisation (WHO) for Covid-19 Hackathon.

Tagged #BuildforCOVID19Hackathon, the Hackathon aims to develop software that will combat the coronavirus pandemic.

To uphold the social distancing safety measure by health professionals, the Hackathon would be hosted online by Devpost.

The Hackathon challenge was announced on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, and entries acceptance had commenced same day

Other participating tech companies are Twitter, Slack, Pinterest, TikTok, Giphy and WeChat.

They will offer resources to assist participants during the application process.

Since the declaration of the disease as a pandemic by WHO, governments across countries have implored its citizens to embrace social distancing while firms issued remote working.

With the space of the present isolation in the world today, the organisers have created a safe platform for developers to come up with ideas, experimentation and design solution to combat the pandemic.

The Covid-19 Hackathon is open to all software developers that can design around community, businesses, health and vulnerable populations.

You can register to participate here.

Participants are expected to have submitted their projects before Monday, March 30, 2020, as selected software developers would be announced on Friday, April 3, 2020.

Similarly, tech platforms like Microsoft’s chatbot technology and Facebook’s Messenger have all been useful in addressing the pandemic.

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