Tech Companies Exploitation of Young African Citizens with Tacit Support of Some African Countries

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The African continent, for a long time now, appears to be, on the receiving end of exploitation from big corporations, with the tacit support, by some governments on the continent.

In recent times, giant tech companies, such as, Microsoft, Apple and Google, have been embroiled in lawsuits bordering on the use of forced child labour, in mining cobalt, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC.

The continent of Africa boasts, of an array of mineral resources that are basic raw materials, for many of the products that are produced by these tech companies for our consumption.

It is, however, quite unfortunate that, the way these resources are extracted are exploitative and enriches some officials, of the African government.

This, in return, brings down the prices paid by these tech companies, thus, making the exploitation more unbearable.

An Investigative report has shown that, young children, are forcefully used, to mine valuables, without any regard for their health and general safety concerns.

The raw materials realized, from these illegal mining, are turned over, to the merchants, who would smuggle them, to neighbouring African countries, having good trade partnerships with Asian countries, where these raw materials, are processed into finished products.

Money realised from these illegal activities, returns to the ruling class, in various local communities, with the most influences.

The government, most especially, at the State and Federal levels, are aware of this, but they are, just reluctant, to start what might end up, as a civil war.

African countries that, even, carry out legal mining businesses, have similar issues, of taking advantage, of the young African population.

To this day, it is very unfortunate that, young children are used, in mining cobalt in the DRC and whether we admit, or not, this is one of the factors adding to the short life expectancy on the African continent.

We can be too quick to jump on the bandwagon, to lay all the blames, on the colonialists and how they have assisted the African governments, in exploiting her citizens.

Are the top guns, in the tech companies, aware of this mindless exploitation? Maybe they are, but have chosen the path, of feigning ignorance. These tech companies need the resources, of Africa, as much as, Africa needs them.

At this point, Africa does not require a foreign currency, with ideas What it needs is, a no holds bar access, to reliable information, as well as, educating its citizens.

Of course, one does not expect children, who are in school, to be at illegal mining sites.

The continent needs access, to the internet, for her citizens, to be aware, of happenings in the twenty-first century.

It would be unfair, to the young African generation, if we sit back and allow these big tech companies, to make sufficient gains, on the continent, while the continent suffers exploitation, on both its valuable raw materials and young citizens, with potentials of being industrious and productive.

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