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Talent Insight, the New LinkedIn Recruiting Tools

One of the most occurring problems companies face today is identification of good talents and offering them job opportunity.

Most times it’s either the companies are busy looking for skills where they are not, or the talents looking for the job opportunity where it does not exist.

In the long run, time and money will have been committed before it starts yielding. With the approach of solving this problem, some companies will save their time and outsource for the service of HR companies who will do the extensive research as to hire the best talents.

However, then, this has not been the best approach for small startups that don’t have the budget to outsource the job. The most effective method for both employer and employee has been job listing platform that has more functionalities.

Additional features that enable job searchers to upload CVS create profiles that show skill sets, and also would allow recruiters to create an account and have access to job searcher portfolios.

There are quite some startups that are solely for matching of talents with available jobs, but how their model operates is what distinguishes them.

Big companies like Facebook and Google have recruiting platforms with higher features that use the latest cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict data and enhance recruitment.

So LinkedIn is also joining the party with Talent Insight, to help companies and HR to recruit better with the rich data record.

Talent Insight will be more efficient, considering that LinkedIn is the most significant professional network with over 500 million members and 10 million active job listing. Such figure shows that the platform has a proven success record of broad adoption and strong customer base.

However, with talent insights, the recruiter will now make an informed decision before hiring.

Talent Insight is designed with some types of reporting features that will help in making long-term decisions in hiring; the Talent Pool Report and the Company Report.

Talent Pool Report: This report has meaningful insight like, the location of the talent, the companies and industries they work. What schools are producing the best, how consistent the talent is engaging with the company, as well as how difficult it is to hire the specific type of talent.

This information is handy when it comes to making a correct decision by understanding the population of prospects.

Company Report: Company report comes with additional insights such as how a company’s workforce is distributed by function and geography. The specific skills that are consistently acquired by a company, what schools a firm is hiring talent from, and also where a group is gaining expertise from.

These entire features help companies to better understand how well they are doing in attracting and retaining skills.

The new approach to Talent Insight incorporates technology like Machine Learning to predict data so that company can make an intelligent hiring decision based on calculated occurrence.