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SystemSpecs Urges Private Sector To Design Programs For Nigeria’s Development

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Deremi Atanda, Executive Director, SystemSpecs, has urged stakeholders, in the private sector, to develop programs that would assist, in the development of the country.

This was disclosed by Atanda, at the recently concluded Remita Summer Coding Camp that took place, in Abuja for two weeks.

The two-week long summer coding camp, which is the inaugural program, was purposely designed, to afford secondary school students, the necessary and basic coding skills, to succeed in the workplace, for the future, as well as, an encouraging capacity, for national development.

According to him, the projected future of work, leans heavily, towards skills, based on technology and it is imperative to instill these necessary skills, in the next generation, at a basic level, in order to give them a competitive edge, with their counterparts, across the world.

‘‘What we are doing now is a direct intervention. Once this is done, it will build capacity, to address the limited school curriculum that does not make enough provision, for inculcating technology skills.”

“We are pro-Nigeria; we believe Nigeria has what it takes, to compete, globally, but the government cannot solve all the problems. We think it is, up to players, in the private sector, to consciously and conscientiously support the government.

The government may not always get it right and we must not stop, at criticising, but we must also find ways, to complement whatever government is doing”, he stressed.

SystemSpecs, holds its resolve, to promote Nigeria and ensure that, the nation takes its place, as the giant of Africa is, the continent’s technology space.

Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, former Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Communications Commission, commended the laudable initiative, by SystemSpecs, stressing the effects that, the programs’ impact and encourages Africa focused fintech software companies, not to relent in its effort, towards national development.

“The fact that, the students have a clear understanding of what they were taught, gives me hope and gets me, even, excited, for the future of our country”.

Dr. Ndukwe, like Atanda, earlier stated, also, urged giants in the Nigerian private sector, to advance national development, by emulating SystemSpecs, on such a laudable program.

The Remita Summer Coding Camp had students from more than 20 schools, across 10 States of the country, with the Federal Capital Territory inclusive.

Web fundamentals, robotics, animation and game design, were some of the sessions taken, during the Summer coding camp.

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