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Strategies to make the most of LinkedIn network [ICT Clinic]

One social networking platform that I consider important for every professional is LinkedIn. Even if the individual does not have the time or interest to become an active member of the network, it is simply advisable because of its potential.
I recall how Microsoft shocked the business and technology world in 2016 when it announced plans to acquire the professional social network for $26.2bn because it desperately needed to succeed at owning its social platform.
Today, this platform is on its way to hitting the one billion members mark which will be a remarkable feat for a platform considered by some, particularly the younger generation as boring.
It is a good platform for anyone seeking to network and build strong relationships that can add value to their career or business.
A number of people of told me that one major importance of LinkedIn to them is that it serves as an avenue for finding potential candidates for their organisations and for others, it helps them to find a better jobs but it does a lot more than just to help you to land your dream job or ideal candidate.
By effectively maximising the tools offered on LinkedIn, you can practically generate endless leads through your activities on the platform.
The reason for this piece is basically because this platform has worked for me. Yes, it has which is why I am sharing my thoughts on some of the ways anyone can best maximise it. Here we go:
1. Be professionally visual
Although, it is not a social networking platform like others but you are advised to be as professionally visible as possible. This means that you should focus on pushing your professional content on the platform as often as possible.
In order for you to build up your credibility on the platform, make it a point of duty to frequently upload professional photos, videos, audios and presentations as often as you can.
2. Become a content creator
One of the ways of easily becoming a thought leader is to also get into the game of content development. The question you need to answer is: what can I create that people will either read, watch or listen to?
If you don’t consider content creation to be important then the easier option is to share other people’s contents. How far that will take you is something only experience can best decide.
3. Putting your best foot forward
On LinkedIn, or anywhere else for that matter, one rarely gets a second chance to make a good first impression. When people look your profile up, either while searching or — Finish Reading on the Punch