Staying Relevant in an Era of Automation and AI

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The World Economic Forum, released a report in 2018, stating that, 50% of companies, will reduce their workforce, due to the efficiency of technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., which has, significantly, reduced errors associated with humans.

The report, also, stated that 75 million jobs, will be lost, in the process.

Technology is, gradually, taking over and it has been projected, by economists that, Robots could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs, around the world, by 2030.

It was, recently, reported that 11 years from now, 14 million robots, will be, actively, working in China, (from a 2018 study, culled from Oxford Economics in)
Automation and Artificial intelligence, (AI), are gradually, taking over and this trend is noticeable, in the workplace, where there has been an exponential rise, over the past 20 years, to 2.25 million.

The calculation of flight trajectories that helped spaceships into the sky was, formerly, calculated by humans, employed by NASA, (as shown in the movie, Hidden Figures), but today, automation has taken over that, relegating those employed humans, to the background.

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All these developments have been spurred on. by human’s insatiable urge, to keep finding better and faster ways, of doing things.

While it has been predicted, by researchers that, the rise of robots, will boost economic growth and the level of productivity will skyrocket, it is, however, likely, to cause loss of jobs, for humans.

This will be more pronounced in third world countries, as they will be the worst hit because, they rely more, on lower-skilled workers.

Jobs that will be the worst hit are those, with high redundancy levels, or, predictable equations, e.g., Truck drivers, Accountants, etc.

How then, does one stay relevant, with this, somewhat, disruptive technological takeover, brewing on the horizon?

Employers need to create an encompassing environment and provide opportunities that allow employees, to upskill.

To successfully, stay relevant in this era, humans need to, successfully, upgrade their skills and keep in constant touch, with the latest technological innovations.

“While AI threatens many industries and professions, we must not lose sight, of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is not, truly, intelligent. It is only as smart, as we make it”, stressed Peter Gasca, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Author.

A new skill set will be required, when automation and artificial intelligence, takes over, but one thing is certain; the human element of work can never be substituted, so, it is, highly, imperative that humans, exploit this avenue.

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