These 5 Startups secured Investment Funding from Outlierz Ventures

Outlierz ventures - cfamedia
Credits: African investments

Outlierz Ventures, a Morrocan based Venture Capital Fund, (VC), has announced the names of the first five Startups that got investment funding from it, recently.

Outlierz was founded in 2017 by Kenza Lahlou, the Managing Partner and Ali Bensouda, the General Partner, alongside other board members and Venture Partners.

The announcement was not explicit on the exact amount it invested in the Startups, but indication shows that, the VC’s investment range between $50 000 and $500 000.

After reviewing over 1,000 investment opportunities and having engaged in conversation with over 300 entrepreneurs, the VC Fund made its pick of the five Startups.

Bensouda remarked on the opportunities created by technology on the African continent. “Africa is definitely the next frontier to VC investments and we are eager to contribute to proving it”, he stated.

Outlierz Ventures, in a statement, said it has begun the exploration of “untapped” francophone and West African markets. The fund primarily focuses on Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco.

Below are the 5 Startups that secured the VC investment:


Outlierz ventures - cfamedia
WaystoCap is a Moroccan B2B marketplace to find the best prices, quality products and make secure payments. It allows one to sell their products locally.

It clears products, handles sales and distribution and makes sure they get paid on time. It also works with top shipping companies to make sure that their cargo arrives on time, at competitive rates, as planned.


Sokowatch is a Kenyan B2B E-commerce platform that enables informal retailers to order products via SMS or mobile app and receives free, same-day delivery to their store.

According to the website, this makes it easier for shopkeepers to source goods and helps manufacturers to ensure that their products are consistently available to consumers.


MaxAB is another E-commerce platform, but this time, from Egypt. According to its website, the platform delivers the market to its users.

Through the re-engineering of the food and grocery market, the platform has empowered technologies and innovative supply chains.

A connection is made between suppliers of food and grocery retailers. This procedure minimizes costs and saves time.


Is a Paris-based last mile delivery Startup. The goal of the French Startup is to provide an experience that maximizes technology to leverage for its users.

They allow their customers to reprogram their deliveries at any time, by themselves. They can change such things, change address or add access information.

Asoko Insight 

Asoko Insight is a corporate data and analytics platform with headquarters in Ghana. Asoko provides data on Sub-Saharan African companies, public and private, to help users.

The platform identifies leads, research investment opportunities, and monitors corporate developments.

Asoko collects and constantly updates company information through a variety of frontline data acquisition channels.