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Some Local Angel Investors, Operating In Africa

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Many start-up businesses in Africa, needs local investors, who can help them journey through the business of their dreams, to assist them, in growing and scaling them.

Knowing that, starting a business can be quite discouraging at times, when you do not get the required assistance from people, seeking out investors, who believe in their dream, is one way, of mitigating the hassles.

Investors are people, who are financially buoyant enough, to invest in other people’s businesses, with a view to making profits from such a move. For the purpose of this write up, Angel Investors will be discussed.

Who Are Angel Investors?

Angel investors are a group of people, or, individuals, who have gathered enough resources, over the years, with the purpose of investing in start-up businesses, with the aim of making profit.

They invest in start-ups that have not been tried and proven, based on their decisions.

They are located in many parts of Africa, comprising of, both domestic and international investors.

Africa, as a continent, is growing and becoming a land of opportunities, where new business ideas are being birthed and in which both local and foreign investors are being attracted to, wanting to be a part of the future successes.

Some of the local angel investors in Africa include:

TBL Mirror Fund

This set of investors, provide Venture Capital, for East African small and medium-sized enterprises.

They build more, on small and medium businesses in various sectors.

They manage the investments of capital, the knowledge and skill required, in doing something, in promising companies.

The TBL group of investors are those, who are successful private individuals, with a wide variety of industry backgrounds.

East Africa Capital Funds, (EACP)

EACP is a funding organistion that deals with technology, media and telecommunications sector.

They raised a fund, worth $100 million that, targets investments focused on servicing infrastructure blockages in the ICT sector in East Africa.

Africa Media Venture Funds

This funding system is supported, by veteran entrepreneurs.

They extend financial support and services, to ventures throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

They deal with online media platforms, to reach their consumers.

They demand that, early and late-stage start-ups, ar

e to earn and add value, in specific areas and spread its brand, in other countries.

Inventfin Venture Capital

This funding platform, is a subsidiary, of Remgro (Pty) Limited.

They offer capitals to start-ups, in order to help them take their products and services to the international arena.

They make investments in start-up businesses, within the range of one to three years.

A business gains access to the capital, as well as, marketing, branding, product development, global distribution and legal services.

Adlevo Capital

Adlevo, is an investor that invests in technologies. It works with portfolio companies, to support Sub-Saharan African businesses.

It gives start-up businesses, financial backing, based on their ability to affect community health, integration in the global economy, poverty reduction, resolving environmental issues and special skills development.

As a start-up, seeking investors for your budding business, you can always check the investors out, to know the criteria to follow, in accessing whatever assistance they are capable of giving to you, to grow and scale your business.

Do you know any other lists of local angel investors around, let us know in the comment section.

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