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Social Media Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 (Concluded)

Last time, we mentioned 4 social media trends to anticipate in 2020 and beyond, today we have come with the concluding part.

Here are other social media trends to watch out for:

TikTok Is Taking Over Social Video

TikTok is, a video-driven platform and it is, currently, disrupting the way, Gen Z interacts with videos.

This Chinese social video app offers a lot for social media influencers, with its ability, to engage its users with new and entertaining video content.

TikTok is the opposite of what Instagram offers, in terms of curated and filtered views.

More Personalized Video Marketing

With audience segmentation, there would be an increase, in the level of personalized marketing, on social media.

This will make video content relatable and relevant, to your target market.

Social media platforms, these days want more video content, to be pushed through story ads.

Ads run through the traditional news feed, see less visibility, as compared to ad campaigns, run on social media.

They enjoy a higher click-through rate.

In the last decade, social media platforms have, undoubtedly, played important roles in driving the ecommerce space.

Users want more access, to products, through social media platforms and to draw their attention to this.

You need to attract their interest, through creative storytelling that, often comes, through videos.

Increased Private Interactions

As more concerns begin to grow, about users’ privacy, social media visitors, now embrace private platforms, through groups and messaging apps, to access their connections.

We are seeing the return of direct communications, allowing more intimacy.

This trend will continue, as it has a high potential, to be massive.

These days, messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, may just have replaced the regular social media platforms, for connectivity.

Users Want Meaningful Connections

As concerns grow, on how and what people post, on social media, such that, it affects interaction, so, also, this trend, will affect the way, marketing is done.

It is now left for brands, to look for alternative ways, to create meaningful connections without, necessarily, invading their privacies.

This will, eventually, come down, to creating groups and communities, where your messages would be accepted.

Surveys have shown that more than 60% of users, feel secure, with direct messaging, from brands and this gives them, good reasons, to trust the brand.

Original Content Is Key To Social Selling

Users do not just make purchases. They are, often moved, by insights and how your product, would benefit them.

The point is that, you need to employ, user-generated content that, are genuine.

You could get these, from your customer reviews. Do not, also, forget the importance, of employee-generated content.

This often comes, from letting them relay the company’s values, mission and vision.

Do not be surprised that, users can find this engaging, rather than, a random collection, of some posts.

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