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Snapchat Launches New Campaign, Lists its Benefits for Brands

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Recently, Snapchat launched a new campaign aimed at showing the platform’s potential in promoting business.

This new feature displayed top advert executives making comments on their various experiences via connecting through with their audience through the app.

These high profile executives have discussed the many benefits attached with utilising the Snapchat platform in connecting with the next generation (they are even referred to as ‘The Snapchat Generation’) of media consumers.

This new campaign also came up with a mini-site that includes several endorsements and a wide range of case studies that highlighted the way some businesses are utilising Snapchat to get connected with their target audience.

What is of interest here is the particular focus on how the young generation of audience makes use of Snapchat to connect.

As Charlotte Swead, a marketing manager at Depop, noted, “It’s no longer about engagement, it’s actually about interaction.”

The campaign has centered its focus on ‘hyper-engagement’ with users engaging with Snap in re-sharing valuable information with families and friends.

This shared information includes promotional materials that are aligned with Snapchat’s use.

The campaign via several showcase studies indicates how brands and businesses that take out time to study and build promotions that connect to users’ behaviors create a resonating campaign which will see more sharing potential.

This however would be different for brands as the time spent to understand the platform needs some significant investment.

With the case studies available, businesses and brands ought to take time out in going through the new resource to maximise its use for their next Snapchat promotion.

Having a record of 238 million daily active users, the app is expanding its audience base with much more older users.

Compared to Facebook, Snapchat may not offer that wide reach, however it could be a massive form of endorsement, which will increase brand awareness towards your target audience.

The new ‘Snapchat Generation’ mini-site can be accessed here.

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