Make Your Smartphone A Business Platform in Nigeria

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Have you ever wondered why the smartphone is referred to as smart? Years ago, we needed different devices to accomplish various tasks, such as calls, access to the internet, messaging, emails and the likes. 

With the invention of mobile phones and its advancement towards making cell phones a multi-purpose gadget, which affords one access to the features of getting all your task done at the tips of your fingers.

That is the origin of the name, “smart”, that we have in smartphones.

In Nigeria, many phone users make do of the smartphone, but not much of a large number make smart use of it.

The average individual makes phone calls, text message exchange, checks updates, as well as engage on social media and general internet search.

Beyond these capabilities, the smartphone could be a goldmine, if put to smart use.

Let us explore the ways in which the smartphone can be used smartly, as a business platform.


Freelancers, especially, bloggers can carry out their writing activities on a smartphone.

All the applications needed to make online writing successful are readily available on mobile apps.

Google documents, grammar checker, editors, plagiarism checker, are much available on smartphones.

At the tip of your finger, your blog at your own pace.

Social Media Management

With a fundamental knowledge of digital marketing, you can be at the service to individuals or companies that have no time to manage their social media handles by themselves but still needs to keep the conversation going on their handles in order to remain relevant.

With your smartphone, you can be that eye they need.

Tools for social media management, like Buffer and HootSuite, can get integrated into your smartphones.

Forex Trading

Smartphone - cfamedia

Taking part in this trade is no longer restricted to financial institutions. Individuals that have an interest in it can take part in the trading of international currencies.

With basic training from certified experts, you can kick off this business, essentially, with your smartphone.

Tolls required are also integrated for mobile, so, it is easy for you to manage and monitor your activities in the market.


These days, smartphones are enabled with video editing apps that improve the quality of your videos.

 Most of the beautiful videos seen on Instagram and Facebook were recorded with smartphones.

A good grasp of the various video editing apps makes the quality of your video appear like a video shoot done with standard video set on a movie or video show.

Social Media Influencer

Individuals and brands that cannot push much effort on social media, will most certainly require the assistance of an influencer.

With the use of your smartphone and an “interesting voice” on social media that can drive conversation, you can leverage this to push awareness for brands. With your existing huge fan base.

Your social media handles can be a platform for marketing for other businesses.

Are there other businesses that smartphones can carry out? Join the conversation by telling us what they are.