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Smart TV: Interesting Tips you Need to Know Before Getting one

Today, televisions are getting smart, built on smart sensors. These smart televisions, from LCD to OLED, from 720p to 2160p, are all available in the market. I remember attending a smart T.V launch by LG Electronics 3 years ago, and one of the smart TVs then was about N2million.

But today, you can get as low as N40, 000 smart T.V, they all are present in today’s market.

Similar to a computer, a smart TV enables you to browse the internet, be on social media, and watch YouTube but do not support things sending out emails or processing documents.

How do I connect my TV to the internet?

All of the smart TVs currently accept an Ethernet cable at the back of the TV, while most also support wireless connection. (Ethernet cable transmits the broadband signals between your modem, router, computer, and other wired Internet-capable devices).

However, in other to connect your smart TV to the internet, you will need to set up a home network which is very much similar to connecting your PC.

How do TV apps work?

Interestingly, no matter the brand or make of a smart TV, they usually have a home page just like your smartphone or PC, when connected. From the homepage, you can access different links, options and application stores.

Most of the applications on these smart TV are usually free, and some smart TV manufacturers are hoping to translate the popularity of paid apps on mobile devices to televisions.

Manufacturers like Panasonic and Sony have conventionally been different, new features are automatically downloaded once available, and become selectable from the main page. However, Panasonic has just announced its app store, so this may change.

“Apps currently include games, internet radio, weather, and entertainment. One of the most original apps so far is Bigpond’s NRL/AFL Game Analyser, which includes several seasons’ worth of full games marked with highlights that you can stream to your TV”.

However, are a few 5 Things to know before buying a Smart TV

Check out the features of the smart TV you intend to buy and know exactly the features you need. It may not be necessary to obtain higher features because you might end up spending much money and not using some of the features

Purchase an external sound system to get a better viewing experience; this is because when the thickness diminishes the sound quality is usually affected.

Buy the biggest TV that your room and budget permits.

The truth is that plus 4k content is not as rampant as the 1080p TV but it delivers a higher picture quality than the 1080p TV, but you will hardly notice.

Against the backdrop that most curved TVs offer much regarding the higher quality image, they don’t. Except for curved screen which comes at a steep price.

OLED TVs offer the best picture quality but are expensive.