Small Business Mistakes To Avoid, When Building An Online Presences

Small business mistakes - cfamedia

At one point, or, the other, you may have come across the phrase, ‘the world is now a global market’.

In addition, you may have heard about the importance of having your business online, as a business owner.

With these two in mind, most small businesses have taken to building their online presence.

This, of courts, is a commendable effort, on their part and is sure to yield more sales and brand awareness.

That said, there have been some small business mistakes that seem to be occurring in the process of building an online presence. I will share some of them with you below:

Not Knowing Your Audience

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The key to surviving online lies in knowing your audience/target market.

With this knowledge, you can create an online plan, for your business, decide on what strategies to implement, know what platforms you need to be on and how to relate, on your chosen platforms.

Being Everywhere


It is true that a business requires sales, to flourish and sales, can be made, from being in the eyes of your audience.

The question to ask now is, are your audience everywhere? If no, why are you everywhere?

What happens is that, as a business is spread across various online platforms, resources are spent, to keep this up and rather, than the business to make a profit, it starts making a loss.

Why is this? This is because, resources that should have been used, in keeping up, one, or, two online platforms, where your audience is, has been spread, so thin and yields little, or, no profit.

Ignoring Content

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Having your business online and not paying attention to your content, is a no, no. What is content?

Content is your message. Being online is an effective way to communicate with your target audience, but how would you do this, with a shady, or, crappy content.

As a business online, there is the need, to pay attention, to the kind of messages on your platforms.

There is, the need, to strategize, on what type of content is beneficial, to your audience and many more.

Having A Website Too Early
Small business mistakes - cfamedia


Yes, your business needs a home online and in most cases, it is your website, however, as a small business, with little, or, no online presence, it is advisable for you to build, an online presence, through social media, before building a website.

This would allow you, to build your website, around information that you have gotten, from your social media audience.

No Plan
Small business mistakes - cfamedia

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Like every business, there is, the need, to have a plan. Without proper planning, a business can be subdued, in the online world.

These are some small business mistakes that, you need to avoid, as an entrepreneure in the online space.

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