Shepreneurs and their qualities over male counterparts

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When discussing women in business (Shepreneurs), it is, definitely, not about the issue of ranting on the phrase, “weaker sex”, but on some qualities and on what they can achieve with these when it comes to standing firm on their feet in the corporate world.

The numerous qualities at the disposal of women in leadership positions, especially, in business can be highly effective for making progress if properly channeled.

With many years of being seen as the weaker sex and not fit for taking up leadership positions, as witnessed in some cultures, women around the world have established themselves as powerhouses.

Shepreneurs have proven, over the years, that gender does not have a place in determining the personality and strength of an individual and how they can conduct their role effectively.

There is no doubt that the gender gap still persists in the corporate world of business, however, we are seeing a gradual shift towards the side favourable to the female gender.

With their unique strength, they are well positioned to have a positive impact on their team.

Women in business leadership roles possess certain qualities they bring to the table, which, when properly channeled, would form the basis of an effective foundation for great leadership.

Some of these qualities are explained below:

When it comes to the art of showing empathy, you cannot take it away from the female gender.

Men may classify this sensitivity of women as a weakness, but the empathetic nature of women makes them better listeners.

Listening, rather than speaking all the time, makes great leaders and enhances better communication.

With women showing a higher level of compassion than men, who are hardly moved by emotions, women are more likely to build trust and this can be great merit when trying to secure clients.

Team Building Skills
Looking at the family roles played by women families, which are binding forces that connects all members of the family, they have the influence of playing the same role in keeping employees working together in the business environment.

Even in the evolutionary process, women have played the “glue” role in holding tribes together, through developing social ties.

Women have the tendency to display proficiency when it comes to building skills that assist business structure in creating collaboration and an inclusive culture.

Shepreneurs are pretty gifted with sensing changes in body language and decoding non-verbal communication.

This quality makes them better problem solvers.

Women tend to be more persuasive when negotiating deals because, by their intuition, they can quite comprehend a situation by making observations on different information available.

In all this, it is important to lend a helping hand in support of diversity and also encourage people, irrespective of their gender, to play their part in bridging the inequality created through gender bias, for the general progress of the organization.