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Seta Launches Application for Field Tracking Consumer Goods

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Seta Field Services a Nigerian based startup has recently launched a tracking application on shelf execution.

This will help consumer goods firms to measure their distribution, share-of-shelf and presence on many outlets in more than one location.

The startup which was founded in 2019 helps to measure the distribution of people and products on behalf of consumer goods firms.

Initially, Seta’s product was FETA – Field Execution Tracking Application -, this measures product’s share-of-shelf in Nigeria’s unstructured markets.

FETA measures the amount of time a product shows in a video or photo while comparing it to the number of times other products selected appeared.

This measure provides distribution, presence and share-of-shelf presence figures any time a store owner or sales representative takes a shelf image within a store.

The startup deploys artificial intelligence in tracking and measuring share-of-shelf of a product against the full category.

According to Aito Osemegbe, Co-founder of Seta, the solution can aggregate data collected across several locations or products.

Companies need to know the metrics of certain markets to be able to make some informed business decisions and the case of the Nigerian market is peculiar since it is unstructured.

“Also, they haven’t been able to drill down to store-by-store data, providing raw actionable insights on what happens on the customer’s shelves. The unique offering FETA brings is reliability and detail of data,” Osemegbe said.

Seta ran a six-month pilot test on FETA with Flour Mills of Nigeria merchandising team. The result from this pilot increased FETA’s recognition to 92 per cent from 76 per cent according to Osemegbe.

“We currently provide services to TSQ Alayo, a consumer goods distribution company in Ogun State.

The revenues have helped close out 20 per cent of our app development expenses.

Operations have been stunted because of COVID, but the plan is to gain a minimum of five paying customers before mid-2021.”, Osemegebe stressed

“We also need funding to explore other capabilities of the FETA app, around facial recognition in selected public places and object recognition.

The applications include monitoring and tracking, and auto billing, people in selected locations, vehicles along selected roads, while staying within allowance of local and international laws.” Osemegebe concluded

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