Seeking the Next Recruit for your Company? Hire These 5 Types of People

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The year is almost running to a close. At such periods like this, most already, well established, or, early-stage business outfits, would have put a lid on hiring activities, till early in the coming year 2020, when they will start seeking the best hands, to bring onboard their staff team.

What kind of people are you looking at, to bring onboard your team, for the coming year?

Thinking about raising funds, as an entrepreneur is essential, to kick start your journey, however, getting to gather an extraordinary team is, likewise, important.

With your first hire, you get to establish your company’s culture, while giving an external perception of your venture.

Having the right set of employees guarantees you the following:

  • Getting your stakeholders impressed, as you continue to grow.
  • Developing a company culture that embraces talents
  • Increasing the chances, of your organization, to thrive for years.

Irrespective of your organisation’s need, there are specific types of hires that, you need, for the steady growth of your company.

Here is a look at, 5 types of hire that, your team should have:

The Serial Founder

The serial founder, ought to be among the first hires, on your company’s team. Why so much importance, to its contribution?

The serial founder would have had, quite a good number of years of experience, in founding and scaling.

Their expertise appears invaluable, as they offer insights, especially, in the pre-revenue stage.

During the hiring process, try to find an approach, to each serial founder’s method of launching and scaling start-ups.

In this process, you would get to know the challenges that they have encountered, at their early stages of building start-ups.

You could work towards tailoring these experiences, to solve your own challenges.

The Subject Matter Expert

For your product development, user experience and strategies for generating revenue, what you need, is a subject matter expert.

They perform better, in well-structured organisations. Their input, also, goes a long way, as they are an essential skeletal structure that holds your organisation.

The Flexible One

To achieve success, in an early stage environment, you will need to get on board, tough, persistent individuals.

How do you determine, if your next hire, would be flexible?

Throw out open-ended questions to answer the questions, as to, how they have dealt with past challenges and handling of setbacks.

You could go-ahead, to present a case of an actual challenge that your company is currently facing.

In doing this, you are trying to find out, if your ideal, flexible candidate is, up to the task, when these challenges, eventually, rear their ugly heads.

The Curious One

These types of hires, often, fancies learning and always ready to take on new projects, irrespective of how difficult it appears.

They do not, even, care to know, whether they have the experience, or, not. All that they care about is, taking on new projects, as soon as they come up.

In, easily, determining how curious, a candidate is, simply ask, if they have a question for you.

Although in an average interview process, this quite happens, but pressing the candidate, to do more, by going beyond formalities, will reveal the level of curiosity, in your probable next hire and from here, you get to know who fits into your team.

The Real Believer

Normally, potential hires that want to come on board should believe in your company’s mission, however, a real believer, goes beyond that.

Having them around makes your company, stick to its core values, a necessity for the upkeep of the company’s culture.

Ask your potential hires to, carefully, outline their own goals and values. Ask them to let you know, how they have gone around, salvaging a situation that has involved them, compromising their values.


As mentioned earlier, do not forget that, beyond seeking funds and working towards scalability, you need to get on board, hires that fit in your company’s structure.

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