Securing a Job in Spite of the Coronavirus Effects

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The coronavirus sure took the world by surprise. We did not expect the heat the virus has brought in its wake.

Many countries on lockdown have no definite time of returning to their normal way of doing things.

Businesses are shut down, not knowing when they will return to normal operations.

Workers are laid off to ensure businesses stay afloat. Poverty and hunger are on the rise.

We could write epistles on how the COVID-19 has affected our lives, countries and sectors, but I am all for solutions, as we should all be.

It is true that the pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainties, especially, in the area of job retention.

It does not, also, help that we keep hearing news about laid off employees.

The question is; is it still possible to land a job in times like these? If it is, how can one go about it?

At this point, you should know that as much as sad news has been flying around, a lot of people have and are still smashing goals in 2020.

It would, definitely, help to remember this. Amidst fear and despair, people are landing new jobs, switching careers and getting goals on their list checked off.

You can too.

Actively applying for jobs

It sounds funny that there are still people who are saying that they are on the lookout for jobs, but do not actively apply for jobs.

You could get an interview call with your first application. You may, also, not get the call until you have sent out a couple of applications.

This is quite different from temporarily giving up on sending out applications because you have not been getting replies.

If you do not send out your resume and cover letter, it would not take a miracle to land you a job.

You need to send those out. As often as possible.

Using the Right Platform

A social media manager, for instance, knows that the right platform is key.

It sure would sound weird that a makeup artist has her online presence, solely on LinkedIn.

This is the same for job seekers. While you could get opportunities anywhere, it does not hurt, to settle down in the right place.

LinkedIn, asides a platform to network and closely follow people you look up to, has helped a lot of people land good jobs.

Not only can you personalise your job search, but you could also go further, by pitching a potential employer.

If you do not know how to start, there is a wealth of information on google. Sign up and take it from there.


There are stories of people who have gotten permanent positions that started out as interns plus, let us not forget the many benefits internships afford us. You could try this out.

While I am tempted to say that money should not be the primary thing to look out for, it is definitely important.

If earning is key for you, you can look out for paid internship positions. There are many out there.

The pay may not be great, but if you work hard and smart, it could be one way to get a permanent position.

Internships are great, especially, when you have decided to try out new roles, or switch careers.

They could help you decide if that is what you would want in the long run.

Update your Resume/Cover Letter

Gone are the days, when writing these were herculean tasks.

These days, with as low as N2,000, you can get your resume properly written for you.

If not, there are several templates online that you can make use of.

The same goes for your cover letter. Look out for templates online and write out your experience, according to the job description.

Online Classes and Job Alerts

Job sites, such as Jobberman and MyJobMag, indeed help keep you informed about job vacancies.

Sign up, optimise your profile and actively send out applications.

While you send out your applications and wait for responses, you can take classes online, broaden your horizon and familiarize yourself with working in that particular industry.

I hope this helps!

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