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“Screen Overlay Detected” Error: How to Fix It

This happens when floats Apps (Apps that pops up or impose on other apps on your screen) are running, and then another of such Apps requests for permission. When such App requests for permission, they are interrupted, hence, the screen overlay error displays.

Not all Apps installed on your phones cause this error. However, you need to first identify the App causing screen overlay error and fix it up.

1. Identify, temporarily disable or hide and restart the permission requesting apps (Apps that draw over other Apps)

  • If you are using a Samsung phone, use this method.
  • Settings > Applications > App Manager > More > Apps that can appear top
  • Such apps that have permission to overlay on your screen.
  • If you are using other devices:
  • Go to Settings
  • Press the search icon (like a magnifying lens) and search for “Draw over other Apps”. You will find such apps that draw over others.

Having gotten list of these Apps, identify the one(s) causing the problem, let us get on fixing it. You can know the problem apps by checking for the bubble of the App on your screen.

Also, check for those Apps that constantly need to monitor your phone in the name of cleaning junks such as Clean Master, Battery Saver. Actually, you don’t need these. If you don’t seem to find any particular App causing issues, temporarily disable all.

Restart the App disabled earlier, allow the permissions it needs to run well. You won’t experience such issues again.

It is reported that Samsung users also experience a screen overlay error because of the One-Handed Operation. You might consider deactivating this feature, go to Settings, Advanced Feature. You will see the One-Handed Operation feature. Open it and disable.

2. Reboot your phone into Safe Mode

The safe mode is known to fix a lot of problems on devices. So if the above option didn’t work for you, try to enter your phone to the Safe Mode.

Entering the Safe Mode

  • Press the power button as if you want to shut your phone down.
  • Their options pop up, press and hold the *Power Off* option for few moments.
  • A new prompt shows up, asking if you want to enter safe mode, click OK.
  • When the phone reboots to safe mode, go to Settings on your Phone and then apps.
  • Go to the apps that had a screen overlay issue and tap to open it.
  • Open Permissions option; allow all permissions required restart your phone.

3. Use of App

If booting to safe mode didn’t work, we can use Apps to fix it. Apps such as Alert Window Checkered Button Unlocked will help.

When this App requires permissions to draw over other Apps installed on your phone. This keeps your apps in check. The Alert Window Checker has a menu of apps and their behaviour. If you are not in need of any app that is causing a mishap, please uninstall it.

Hope this was useful.

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