Sales Tech Trends, That Determines Small Business Success

Why bother, on learning what technology can do, when you appear not to have a firm grip on it.

An average entrepreneur, or, small business owner, aims at making maximum sales, but the reality is that not all will be successful at this success.

With the recent number of sales tools, found around, emerging start-up businesses, often times, struggle to distinguish the really useful ones, from the lots.

No business, either, big, or, small, has the luxury of time and money, to test every sales tool, so as to, determine their proficiency.

Businesses could, rather, on their part, work, on certain areas of their sales process, to have an improvement.

Directing focus, on the functionality of the tools, assists the sales team, to re-organise their priorities, in order to determine the right tools, to leverage and the ones to discard.

With the following sales tech trends, your small business could benefit, if it considers these factors:

CRM Is Still Relevant
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Businesses, irrespective of the size, ought to leverage CRM solutions, to improve the process of sales, asides from keeping track of leads and other opportunities.

Though massive solutions may require a robust budget, nevertheless, emerging companies do not require any robust CRM.

CRM from HubSpot comes at no cost and provides the basic functionality needed, by start-up businesses.

Using the HubSpot CRM, emerging companies could put up contacts, numbering in millions, with no time limits.

Some sales representatives focus on selling. Well, selling is the core of the job description, but sales representatives, ought to learn the new ropes, by getting a grip of the system.

As a small business owner, you ought to save time, for your team, by making pieces of the system available to them.

Through this way, you have made it easier, for them to make sales faster.

Clean Communication Is Better Than Data


Every other second of the day, data is collected, nevertheless, a number of start-up businesses do not communicate this data, effectively, within the company’s department.

This results in rendering the efforts of the marketing team useless, so, also, the sales team gets frustrated, as they are unable to utilize the misinformed insights, from the processed data.

The challenge with this becomes worse, when the amount of information to be known is not, even, available internally, especially, when the departments are not in talking terms.

When information is available, it ought to be shared, without further hesitation.

A communication gap should not exist, in your marketing and sales team, like a gulf, would distort the data collected, for information processing.

Prezi can assist sales personnel, in creating an effective communications stream and better presentations.

Relevance Beats Variety
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Small business owners of emerging companies, should bother themselves about, how to leverage technology, in simplifying their customers’ journey, rather than, thinking of what potentials that, sales tools can offer.

Regie is a sales tool that, can automate your sales work, such that, it will create meetings, for you, with great leads, while sieving out the noise. You get to spend more time on important sales activities.

For emerging start-up businesses, the sales tools they can afford should assist them, in leveraging their limited resources, rather than, making the sales process, complex.

Big guns, who can possibly afford the cash, even, do not, necessarily, have to go overboard, with technology, to get the job done.

There are simple tools that, can give better results and make work, much easier, for your sales team.

The Place Of Robots
Sales tech trends - cfamedia
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Almost every business functionality, has an integration of Artificial Intelligence into it, this does not leave out sales.

Chatbots are already acting, as a sales agent, in assisting business generate leads.

Robots are not humans, so they do not get weak and neither do they lost information.

Any day and at any time, they are willing to assist customers, in their purchase journey.

Nowadays, having to fill lengthy contact forms, or, cold calling, is no longer the real deal.

Consumers want to research & buy their preferred products, in just a few clicks.

The nature of sales marketing has taken a new shift and the robots, through chatbots, are taking over quickly.

The more sales tools are advancing with technological changes and modern marketing trends, the more they tend, to be effective, in solving the sales and marketing process.

What sales tech trends are you familiar with?

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