SaaS And Its Relevance On Work Culture for Productivity

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Since the inception of Software as a Service, (SaaS), the manner of business operation, there has been a number of changes.

SaaS, also, referred to, as Software as a Service, is a software licensing and delivery model, in which software is licensed, on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

During the 60s, quite a few numbers of businesses could afford computers and servers, they rather get their monitors connected, to where they could subscribe, to have access to their service.

In modern times, with SaaS, all that, a user needs to do, is to get connected to the internet and type in the URL of the software application.

In this way, they have full access, to all the features of the service software.

It is, sometimes, referred to, as “on-demand software” and was formerly referred to, as “software plus services”, by Microsoft. SaaS is, typically, accessed, by users using a thin client

By 2022, the SaaS market would hit $164.29 billion, based on a report by Transparency Market Research.

The role of SaaS, in today’s emerging market, cannot be downplayed.

We have come, with some reasons, why SaaS usage cannot be undermined:

Up-to-Date Software

Years back, a number of software companies, would have to release new versions of their software, for users to get them updated.

Do not forget that, this is, usually, achieved on a compact disc! Who uses CDs, these days, anymore, anyway?

Users no longer have to worry about updates, as the SaaS providers are responsible for keeping the applications, up to date, via the cloud service.


SaaS affords you a good level of accessibility, on what you require.

Compared to, when you would have to visit a physical store to purchase your software application.

Saas has given business owners, the option of having, full access to the features of the software.

Once you have access to the internet you are good to go.


You have to be aware of the latent cost that comes with subscribing to SaaS, nevertheless, your chances of saving money for other purposes is high.

One of the ways you save cost is, not paying for installation fees.

Asides that, multiple options for product features that, you could sign up for, also, available for grabs.

The simplicity about SaaS is that all the future upgrades your software requires can be done, at any time of your convenience.


What makes SaaS different, from the traditional business software selling platforms?

The ease in its usage has made it widely accepted.

You do not spend the whole day, learning it, either. Its interface is designed, to be user-unfriendly.

A novice user, finds no difficulty, in navigating through the guidelines of the software.


SaaS is, usually designed to accommodate your employees’ operations, by promoting effective communication. Project management could be easily done, via the cloud.

Of course, this would encourage openness, among all staff, not forgetting that your remote workers are also carried along.


With automated marketing, businesses can plan, execute and track, their marketing campaigns.

The introduction of SaaS, has, even, made this, a lot easier. With different subscription plans, the software is more affordable to use.

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