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Rwanda and Siemens Introduce Volkswagen Eco-friendly Cars

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In partnership with Siemens, German car producer, Volkswagen has launched four electric driven eco-friendly cars in Rwanda.

In a pilot project by the German automobile company, assembled in the European country, the electric cars can run through a 230 kilometres journey.

However, the distance covered is dependant on factors such as terrain, gradient and altitude.

At the launch of the eco-friendly electric cars, Edouard Ngirente, Prime Minister of the East African country acknowledged the effort of Rwandans in embracing one of the SDG goals in having a clean and safe climate free from pollutants.

He said, “we are confident that the introduction of environmentally friendly transport services will accelerate the reduction of air pollution levels in Rwanda.”

Going further, Ngirente enjoined other companies that are involved in climate-changing products to key into the design of eco-friendly solutions that are sustainable to the environment.

In another statement by the Chief Executive of Volkswagen Group South Africa, Thomas Schafer praised the progressive population of the country and mentioned that the partnership of the Rwanda government and Siemens, the East African country is set for a change on the continent.

“Volkswagen wants to make the e-Golf pilot project in Rwanda a blueprint for electric mobility in Africa”. Schafer emphasised.

Earlier, the Rwanda energy group and Siemens had conducted an assessment test to check out the country’s capacity on the use of electric cars.

The test had revealed that Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda has a sufficient grid to power the charging stations for the launch.

Earlier this month, Gura Ride a green e-mobility was launched and with this development, indications have shown that Rwanda is setting the stage for green mobility on the African continent.

With the current challenges coming from the consumption of fossil fuel; health implications, greenhouse gas emission and the likes, embracing and executing green transportation comes with its benefits.

Some reports indicate that more than 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas springs from the transportation sector and this in return portends risks to the climate, thereby putting humans, animals and plant lives in danger.

It is therefore not far-fetched that Rwanda is pioneering the launch of eco-friendly cars and as well as effect changes in its transport sector.

As part of its effort to lead the charge on a sustainable transportation system, Rwanda is giving priority to the development of a low carbon economy through the adoption of smart transport system and green cities.

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