Reviews: Roles ICT Is Playing In Curbing Crime

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Information Communication Technology, (ICT), is a generic name, used to describe storing, processing, gathering, retrieving and transmitting information.

The Nigeria Security agencies make use of ICT, in many areas of operations, such as records maintenance, surveillance, through the CCTV technology and traffic, through the speed cameras, usually mounted to view happenings on roads.

The use of ICT has greatly enhanced service delivery to the public, in terms of security.

A Closed Circuit Television, (CCTV), is an electric circuit, through which current can flow, in an uninterrupted path, which is used, capture activities that occur, within its viewing area, whether criminally inclined or not.

It is installed in strategic places, as part of the security measures, put in place.

The presence of a CCTV system is, however, not a physical barrier to crimes being committed, but it records the crime for investigators to playback and watch, to see what happened.

CCTV is a global security system strategy, all over the world, embraced as a tool for surveillance.

Most CCTV systems in Nigeria, are powered by solar energy because of the epileptic nature of our electricity generation.

It is easier to pick out criminal acts in a large crowd, with a CCTV put in place.

Below are 2 other ways, in which ICT is being deployed, to curb crime:

Data Mapping Technologies

Data mapping technologies are application technologies that, are used, in capturing crime, by law enforcement agencies, for crime analysis and emergency.

Data mapping is used, as a first step, for a wide variety of data integration tasks, which includes data transformation, between a data source and a destination.


It is a cellular device, with integrated functions, like a computer, with operating systems and running applications.

Smartphone users have increased, over time and these smartphones are equipped with several functions and applications that can capture events happening around, thus, people do use their phones, to capture criminal scenes, incognito and report the same to the security agencies.

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