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Review your 2018 activities with these apps [ICT Clinic]

In 2018, the world experienced an amazing run with technology as well as various other types of inventions and innovative solutions. In the case of Nigeria, we made some progress, particularly in the start-up ecosystem. All in all, billions of naira of actual and pledged capital (mostly foreign, sadly) flowed into the ecosystem. But not surprising, the policy side was super slow and failed to catch up. I think policy makers ought to have upped their game, so as to be on the same wavelength with the pace of this fledging industry.

That said, there is a silent cold war going on in the quantum computing space, with the United States, China and Europe all trying to outspend each other. A few days ago, the US passed a $1.2bn law to boost quantum computing because that is believed to be the next game-changer and no one wants to lose out. China, through the efforts of her father of quantum computing, Jian-Wei Pan, a professor at the University of Science and Technology of China, has invested billions of yuan in research and development, while Europe already has a one billion euros quantum master plan. Now, here is a field no one is exactly sure of how it will pan out, but these forward-looking nation-states are already staking a bet. Any wonder why Africa might forever play a subservient role?

Today’s piece is not focused on policy makers though; there will certainly be a number of series that will be dedicated to them come 2019. The focus is to simply share ways anyone can review some personal activities, such as time management, finance, and personal goals, with the help of mobile applications that are freely available for anyone to use. Here we go:

  1. Did you manage your time better in 2018?

Many of us are not where we should be in life because we are terrible at managing our time well. We are always busy but in actual fact, we are usually busy doing little or nothing.

Working with to-do lists can make all the difference and tools like Evernote, Any.do or Todoist will help if you need to know how you have managed your day-to-day activities and  — Finish Reading on the Punch