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Revamping the Brand

The Internet has become like a somewhat crowded marketplace and guess what, it is going to be that way until another trend crops up and overtakes the Internet. The import of the above statement is to help you understand that it is one thing to own a website and it is another thing to make that website speak for you.


Drjulz is the brand of a medical doctor turned radio and television personality. She hosts a weekly medical show on 99.3 Nigeria Info FM and Cool TV.

When we received her brief to revamp her Internet presence, we swung into action. The first thing we noticed was that her homepage failed to do justice to her brand.

Home Page1

As you can see above, this is a blog-like homepage with double sidebars which is not entirely wrong, but a complete mismatch because her business schedule and daily routine would make it impossible for her to publish articles frequently. In this case, once visitors appear on this homepage they would immediately get the impression that the owner of this site does not care about it as such, otherwise she would post articles more often. Click here to see her new Homepage.

New HomepageWith her help, we came up with a more corporate-like homepage that will help promote her brand better and not place a demand on her to always generate content. Besides the fact that her new homepage is not a content guzzler kind of homepage, it also helps her kill multiple birds with one stone. First, it allows her to sell the featured(slider) area space to organizations who would want to leverage on her platform. Secondly, it allows would be guests who may not know her in person but are experts qualified to be on the show to contact her easily.

We did not just stop there, we also created a radio site for her brand. Prior to contracting us, she had been presenting her show on radio, but not one digital footprint of the show was available online. Now, she has a unique opportunity to ensure that even folks who do not have the opportunity to listen to her show on radio, can simply visit her website to listen. This strategy alone will make her a reference point in the years ahead. Click here to see her Radio site.

Dr Julz's Radio Page
Other Deliverables

We used the opportunity to redesign her logo and banners so as to give the brand a breathe of fresh air. Because building a brand on the Internet is an on-going, long term process, she has retained us to perform a wide array of services which includes SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Physical event planing and lots more.


This is one interesting project for the entire team as we had all hands on deck to make this a reality. Our creative and technical team synergized and delivered this project in total within 2 weeks.

At the end of the day, this is what she had to say about our services;

The CFA team combines exceptional clientele with outstanding website development that exceeds the expectations of their clients regardless of the client’s business background. Between this and empowering  of youths all over the continent with IT skills, they definitely deserve recognition in this ever growing cyber age. Well done.

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