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How to Remove Virus from your Smartphone

Viruses are unwanted and malicious smart device diseases. Their mode of entrance is always subtle but destructive.

That is why viruses like Ghost Trojan, Googlian, Loapi, Gun Powder, Mazar, Godless, etc. must be avoided, a leas b no downloading everything you see on the web.

But the truth is that, Android devices rarely have the virus. Even when they do, Google wipes it off from such affected devices. Though there are still some that creep on from external sources.

Please note that lot of times your phone might not even be affected by it. This is because Android viruses are very rare.

What might appear to you as a virus might just be Ads that keep popping up claiming to have found a virus on your phone and that your phone is sluggish, that you have to buy a specific product to fix it.

How Virus enters Android Phones

We have stated earlier that the android phones rarely get infected by the virus.

The most notorious way in which virus enters an android phone is through apps. They hide behind apps.

That’s why you should avoid installation of apps outside the play store. They can even come in through antivirus that is supposed to keep you safe. Some come through test messages.

In case you are wondering why you should even care to remove these guys, just remember that virus are never for good. They can drain your battery, restarts your phone, steal your private data.

How to Clean your phone

If your android phone is infected with the virus, you can remove them following the steps below:

Uninstall any recent app before the issue started

This is just straightforward. If you notice that you made any changes to your phone. Undo that and restart your phone.

Put your phone in Safe Mode

Safe mode varies from devices to another. Google knows how to put your phone in safe mode and be specific to your phone model.

Some phones might just need you to press and hold power off button for a while to restart in safe mode.

Others might require the power + volume down option. Safe mode helps you to see how your phone runs; you can detect what is troubling the phone and remove it.

Remove a suspected app administrator rights

If you have tried uninstalling the app and you couldn’t because the uninstall tab is unclickable, go to your phone’s settings, security.

Device Administrator, and uncheck the app. This removes the admin rights. Go back to your apps and remove it now.


Note that virus doesn’t come in dark cloaks and scary appearance. Most of the times, they hide behind good applications. And avoid installing apps outside the store. Allow Google to protect you.