Are Remote Workers More Productive Than Office Workers?

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Getting to some office space, you will get welcomed by great designs and office “perks” that makes the work environment appear graceful and fun to be.

The aim, as believed, is to make the office environment-friendly to the users, so, as to encourage members of staff, to deliver their very best, to the success of the company.

Over the years, studies indicate that, a number of people admitted that, they found it difficult to have a full concentration, when working in the office on their desk.

In addition, the number of workers, who complained of not having access to a serene environment, in order to focus on work, has grown by 13%.

This is why some people prefer to work remotely.

Below are some positives, marked in favour of working remotely:


With greater autonomy and office distraction, working remotely, is likely to give you the freedom to get more things done.

According to a survey, more than half of workers confirmed that, they got a boost in productivity, when working remotely, while a higher percentage claimed that, working alone, allows productivity at its maximum.


Due to the absence of physical meet up, remote workers are bound to reach out to one another, often.

You would get surprised to note, how strong collaborations can get formed, from this, in spite of distance.

With a video chat, the team can always set up to work. There are many collaboration apps available for use these days.


So many excuses are tabled, when it comes to office workers.

Absence, owing to sickness and running unsolicited errands, are actions that often cause distractions, working in an office setting.

Working remotely, however, affords you the opportunity of less of such distractions; hence, you have no excuse not to perform well.

Why is this so? You are not fixed to any physical office, where such distractions can occur, so, it is easier for you to plan out your time.

You can, easily, plan your errands, without losing out on a workday target.

Remote working, or, office working; which do you think is more effective?

Should it really matter, from where work is getting done, as long as it gets done?

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