Remita Provides Financial Leverage Through the Accessibility of Loans

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You do not need to wait till the end of the month, to sort your bills, any longer, as the Remita app has provided the much-needed financial leverage, to secure easy and fast loans, without collateral.

A lot has been said, about how SystemSpecs has been able to create the much need financial technological, (Fintech), solution for the country, through the design of the Remita app, an app designed and targeted at helping, to make payments and collections easier, for businesses, which enabled all the accounts owned by the state government are collapsed into one safe platform, christened Treasury Single Account, TSA.

It should be noted, however, that the Remita app is not limited to, only receiving payments alone, as, also, incorporated in it, is the accessibility to loans, by entering into a strategic partnership with major loan facilitators in the country, in order to give customers, additional and exceptional values.

Through the Remita app, customers can now apply for fast loans, from their partner sites pages, Access Payday, etc. On Page, through the Remit credit, customers can access quick loans, of up to N2.5million, which is payable and can, also, be spread out in 12 months and above. The interest rate is, also, one of the lowest.

At the end of the month, Remita will deduct the monthly amount from your account, (as agreed by you, when applying for the loan), once your salary has been paid.

The Remit credit, is only available, to companies that process staff salary payments, through the Remita app.

In less than 3 hours, after submission and approvals of application, your loan application will be disbursed.

The Interest rate for the loan is a 3.76% flat charge per month and a 0% Management fee.

The Access bank Payday loan was unveiled, in partnership with Remita, with the primary aim of simplifying loan applications.

Using its data reference services, SystemSpecs, (the Nigerian software giant), has been able to provide an automated loan process that facilitates quick assessments of individuals and allows Remita, to share their payment data with lenders.

In less than 5 minutes, the customer’s transaction information will be electronically submitted, by Remita, for credit approvals.

Once the loan application has been placed, Access bank contacts Remita, to share information about the customer’s payment data, such as the past six month’s salary.

The safe amount to be loaned to the customer, will then, be determined by the Access bank algorithm.

When the customer’s salary is paid, Remita, automatically, deducts the loan repayment amount, which goes to the lender, while the remaining part goes to the individual who applied for and took the loan.

Upon successful credit of the loan into your account, you will be charged an upfront fee of 2% flat and insurance of 0.15% of the loan amount.

You will also be charged an additional 3% interest on the loan amount when the loan is repaid.

This is one benefit available to users of the Remita app.

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