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Remita: Expanding its users network opportunities beyond payment

Remita - cfamedia

Getting to hear the phrase “Remita”, unarguably, the first impression on the mind of an average Nigerian conversant, with financial technology, is, that of ease of access, to make and receive payments.

Well, that is not far from the truth, as the platform assures its users, ease in money transfer, allows a business to conveniently receive payment from a customer using multiple avenues, depending on the users choice.

You could also view all your bank balances, on just a screen.

Not even to mention, how it has been applied in the Treasury Single Account, to assist the government in combating financial misappropriation.

Nevertheless, Remita offers Nigeria, as a country, more than these services.

Since the founding of SystemSpecs, its multi-device platform, Remita, has provided a range of financial independence, to all, who have subscribed to its remarkable provision, of such offer.

Asides from being a user, Remita also offers its customers, the opportunity to earn big, when you join the platform’s network of agents and partners, in ensuring, easy payment access on the continent.

With the continuous rise, in the percentage of the unemployed in the country, one cannot take to chance, the probability of seeking only a white collar job, especially, for graduates who wait in an endless loop, for a dream job.

Remita is not just offering this opportunity to the unemployed, but also to the employed, small business owners and entrepreneurs, who seek to earn extra stream of revenue.

You could be a professional service provider, yet willing to smile to the bank, at every opportunity of an extra source of income that, comes your way.

Maybe you are planning your retirement ahead, with the possibility of starting a business that, is stress-free and simultaneously, guarantees a steady flow of income.

Remita, has, even, made the process, much easier, for interested users, to simply introduce the platform to organisations, governments, professional associations, clubs, or, any formal, or, informal groups present within your network.

According to the website, you are guaranteed pretty good earnings, for the rest of your stay on planet earth.

Do you know that, by introducing Remita to within your network, you can consistently make good earnings for the rest of your life?

Simply introduce Remita to your business contacts and earn for life every time they process any transaction on the platform.

What you stand to gain from Remita Partnership include:

Constant Revenue: It has been stated earlier and it has to be re-emphasized again, that, getting to be a partner, or, agent, with Remita, guarantees you a steady revenue, from every transaction that gets processed on the platform for those you introduce.

Additional Value-Added Services: Remita gives you the opportunity, to be a value provider, beyond the easy payment service it offers.

A Strong Business Affiliation: Who does not want to have a healthy business affiliation, with a leading financial technology platform, on the continent?

Guess that, your answer, is as good as mine. Other opportunities in the world of business, are easier by getting your venture, linked with Remita.

An Expanded Network: Benefits from relationships with other high net-worth and highly influential individuals, within the Remita Business Partnership Network.

The Beautiful thing about the process, is that, it is absolutely free, to be a part of this financial independence. You can join the Remita business partners network today by signing up here.