Reminiscence 2019 (4) – NCC Licenced 10 VAS Aggregators, Improves On Quality Of Services And More

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In continuation of the review of the score sheet of the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, in the performance of its regulatory functions, it is instructive to note that, the Commission awarded VAS Aggregator licenses, to 10 companies to provide aggregator services.

This was made possible, following the commission’s Value-Added Service, VAS, Aggregator Framework, for the telecoms Value-Added Service, VAS, segment.

This development saw to the vibrancy and healthy competition, in the VAS segment of the telecom industry in 2019.

It, also, unlocked the great potential, in the telecoms VAS market, with an estimated worth of $500 million that operators in that segment of the telecom industry can tap into, going forward.

The beneficiaries of the VAS Aggregator licences include: 21st Century Technologies Limited, Aerandir Technologies, Cognys Systems Limited, HML Consulting Limited, I-Cell Multimedia Limited, Iykejordan Limited, Mobile Intelligence Limited, Nina-Jojer Limited, Nitroswitch Limited and Perpetual Communications Limited.

In the course of 2019, the Commission, in its continuous effort, to ensure improved QoS, by telecom operators, to the over 179 million subscribers, embarked on a number of initiatives that have provided relative assistance, in increased the quality service delivery, across all mobile networks, in 2019.

With the Commission, performing its regulatory functions of engaging in constant monitoring of the operators’ compliance with Key Performance Indicator, KPI, on the quality of service, QoS, from one State to the other, instead of, just measuring their compliance, on a national average basis, the quality of service delivery, improved, tremendously, in 2019.

In 2019, also, in line with relevant provisions of the Nigerian Communications Act, NCA, 2003, the Commission, regularized the activities of all satellite operators, in both, the Space and Earth stations.

The Commission, also, issued landing permits to Space Stations, beaming signals over Nigerian territory.

In line with this, the NCC, in June, 2019, gave its first landing permission, (licence for satellite internet), to Avanti Communications Groups Plc, a satellite operator, based in the United Kingdom, for hosting its HYLAS 4 Satellite specie segment, over the Nigerian territory.

Being the first of its kind in satellite communications in Nigeria, the issuance of the landing permit, strongly indicates authorisation that allows operators to beam signals, over the territorial integrity of a country.

The import of this is that, the deployment of the satellite, will allow immediate broadband access and faster internet services to Nigerians, as stated by Ann Vandenbroucke, Chief Regulatory Officer of Avanti, emphasised during the granting of the permit by the Commission.

She also stated that, that Avanti was attracted to invest in Nigeria, as represented by the NCC because of the stable and predictable regulatory environment.

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