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ReelFruit Secures US$50,000 at Village Capital Agriculture Africa accelerator

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Nigerian start-up, ReelFruit has raised US$50,000 after it got selected alongside Ghanaian startup Complete Farmer as winners of the Village Capital Agriculture Africa accelerator.

Sometime in September 2019, nine startups got selected for the accelerator programme which spans across a number of accelerators on the African continent through its peer-selection method.

In 2019, the aim of the programme was to proffer viable solutions that set to make improvements on small scale farmers’ outcomes. In addition to also address food security challenges while running a partnership deal with Ceniarth and Small Foundation.

These two organisations have put into commitment US$50,000 each to the two selected start-ups.

ReelFruit deals in the retail of six natural and healthy dried fruits as well as nut snacks in more than 250 retail supermarkets and stores, hotels, schools and airlines.

While Complete Farmer developed an end-to-end platform that assists industries to find raw materials of high quality for their daily production.

Adedana Ashebir, Regional Manager, Africa at Village Capital, said, “I’m thrilled about the Africa Agriculture 2019 programme and the fact we had representation from Zambia for the first time, a Senegalese company representing Francophone Africa, and nine ventures from seven countries.

“I’m especially proud of ReelFruit and Complete Farmer who consistently impressed their colleagues throughout the peer due diligence process.”

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