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Recovering Deleted Files on Android [How To]

I am a firm believer that Technology can be used to reduce corruption to the barest minimum and there are tons of case studies to back this up. One simple reason is that technology ensures that footprints and time-stamps are left behind whenever we come in contact with it in whatever form.

In the same vein, each time you use your phone, there is always a time-stamp and, even, when you delete a file, yes, it disappears from your phone, but in reality, it does not exactly get deleted immediately. In some cases, you may need to recover a file that you have deleted for one reason or the other. You can actually do this if the file has not yet been permanently deleted from your Android phone.

Here are simple steps to take to recover deleted files, especially, if you do not have a backup:

  1. Download and install Recuva by Piriform.
  2. Connect your phone to a PC or Mac.
  3. Once connected, the phone will give you an option to connect either as USB mass storage, camera or media transfer protocol (MTP) Simply select the storage option so that it appears as a drive.
  4. Finally, start the recuva software and it will attempt to recover the deleted files.

It is important to state that anytime you issue a delete command on any device, you simply free up space on the drive and the more you use the device, the more new data overwrites the old and deleted data.

The point is that recovery of deleted files is time bound, so the sooner, the better.

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