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How to Recover Passwords from Browser

Browsers are very useful to us as they give us a platform to operate on the internet. They have valuable features and services that make our browsing experience optimal.

Browsers keep your browsing history, caches, compress web page to save data, save a page offline for you to read later without an internet connection, not to forget the Autocomplete, syncing of data to all devices you log in.

Browsers don’t just help us surf the web, but it also serves as our sort of Virtual Assistant in the sense that it keeps records of all our footprints online, especially if you are using Google Chrome. Such saved records include our passwords.

If you forgot the login details to the account and you have logged on into that account before on the particular browser, the chances are that the browser saved the password for you. We will be looking at how to recover forgotten passwords from your browser. This can prove very helpful in some cases.

There are many tools and ways we can use to recover our lost password on browsers.

Recover from Google Chrome Auto Saved log-in sessions.

This is possible only if you saved your password before. Before we proceed never save passwords on a public system. It can quickly be gotten by someone else. Especially if you log in your Google account on that system.

Google Chrome is a dominant browser. It syncs all your data across devices that you log on. So if you forgot your passwords and you have auto save password turned on, your browser has your answer.

  • Launch your chrome browser
  • Select Settings from the top right of your browser. Or type chrome: //settings in the address bar and enter.
  • On the next page, click Advanced Settings.
  • Select Passwords and Forms.
  • Click on Manage Password

You will be shown a list of saved passwords and the respective site it was used for. To view the password, click on view. For security reasons the passwords are covered by an asterisk, and you will need to sign in before you can see them. If you wish, you can export all the passwords to a file.

To be safer, sync your data with your Google account. This way you won’t need a browser on your phone to get the saved password.

The above method won’t work if your autosave password isn’t turned on. The Chrome option is limited to just the browser.

However, if you didn’t save your password and you are using a different browser, the next method would do.

Password Recovery Tool

  • Download and install the Password Recovery application
  • Launch the program and Start Recovery
  • This will display options with a list of platforms it supports.
  • Select where you want to recover your password from. Example, if you want to retrieve passwords from Firefox, select Firefox.
  • The next page will show a list of all passwords saved, log in details, sites visited. It also shows you your username and their respective passwords.
  • You can copy the password.

Please, for security reasons DO NOT turn on auto save of passwords on public systems. It is risky.