Quick Question; Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

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According to Wil Schroter, there are two schools of thought, relating to entrepreneurship and they are the academics and the hardcore founders.

The academics are of the belief that, entrepreneurship involves a scientific process that can be learned and executed, strategically, while the hardcore founders, believe that, entrepreneurship is inborn. You, either, have it in you, or, you do not have it.

Schroter concludes that, both parties are right, but they seem to be posing the wrong aspects of the question.

For an entrepreneur to survive the ever busy and competitive market nowadays, there is the need to bring something new, to the market.

The entrepreneur must have the dogged entrepreneurial spirit and then, the need to learn the science, of how to ensure that, the business survives its first five years, in the ecosystem.

Learning the basic entrepreneurship rudiment, of idea validation, Go-to-Market strategy and to a large extent, finance is, a necessity and irrespective of how smart the entrepreneur is.

The entrepreneur, needs to learn this and that is where mentorship comes in.

A lot of things can derail an entrepreneur’s plan and some of them, rest on, not having the technical know-how, as well as, the skillset of how to, effectively, position their business.

Sometimes, however, having that extra aggressiveness and stubborn never-say-die attitude, can just be what you need, to survive, as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is dynamic in nature and can be understood, from a variety of angles.

The brain and brawl, work hand in hand, but not always.

Attending an MBA class may not guarantee the survival of your business, but you will understand the scientific growth methods that you can apply, for the success of your business.

The entrepreneurship journey is, usually, a long, tedious, frustrating and to some extent, a lonely one, so, it is highly imperative that, entrepreneurs, need to be, fully equipped, for this and how can they be prepared?

Entrepreneurs need to harness their dogged entrepreneurship DNA, as well as, acquire all the necessary skill set that are required, to assist in the growth of their businesses.

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