Qualcomm X60; This Modem is Set to Drive 5G Phones in 2021

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Qualcomm recently released a new modem that is set to serve as an additional boost to 5G smartphones next year.

The American telecommunication company unveiled its new Snapdragon X60 5G modem made from a technology of 5 nanometers, or 5 billionths of a meter which has resulted in considerably lower power consumption.

The X60 5G modem has been designed to run on all 2G to 5G networks and access the sub-6 Ghz network as well as faster wave networks and download data over 5G networks up to 7.5 Gbps with an upload speed of 3 Gbp.

However, its limitation lies in the absence of higher peak speeds but it is definitely an upgrade from the X55 modem download speed of 7 Gbps, with an upload speed of 3 Gbps.

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According to the company, “Users will enjoy faster speeds as the can aggregate the slower sub-6 networks with the faster mm-wave spectrum, accelerating its overall performance.”

“The Snapdragon X60 modem also allows operators to offer fiber-like internet speeds and low latency using 5G, unlocking the next generation of connected experiences for more people.” Stressed Durga Malladi, head of Qualcom’s 5G business.

Durga also stated that “Consumers will be able to enjoy applications like highly responsive multiplayer gaming, immersive 360-degree video and always-connected cloud computing in seamless and superior power efficiency for all day.”

For some time now, the telecom company Qualcomm has been trying to create a friendlier application of the 5G technology that gives users fast speeds and this prompted the company to create the X60 modem but there are still some limiting factors and although the 5G speed is impressive there still lower difference between the 5G speed and the 4G speed.

During an interview, President of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon stated that “You can deliver on the full promise of 5G as you aggregate this which increase coverage and speeds.”

It is the world’s first 5nm, 5G multimode modem across sub-6 and millimeter wave.” Noted Amom

Featured Image: techspot

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