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Plentywaka Upgraded App Improves on Decongesting Road Traffic

Lagos State is one of the largest and most viable economies, on the African continent.

Often referred to, as the Centre of Excellence, the city boasts of myriads of business transactions, taking place in the city, daily.

The buzz that comes with residing in the city of Lagos is, however, accompanied by the challenge of traffic congestion.

This current lapse, in the city’s transportation, birthed Plentywaka, a bus sharing solution app, in September 2019.

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Driven by technology, the bus sharing solution, provides convenient, safe and comfortable bus rides, to commuters, daily, with the aim of improving the public transportation system in Nigeria.

Plentywaka - cfamedia
Plentywaka Buses on display

On kicking off its operations, with twenty-five, thirteen seater buses, plying the Ajah-CMS route and to improve its user’s experience, the hailing bus app, redesigned its mobile app, from an improvement on the beta app to an all-new upgraded Plentywaka app, earlier in December 2019.

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Just recently, Plentywaka put the newly upgraded app to test, with its users. Demonstrating its functionality, at Plentywaka’s office, Afolabi Oluseyi, VP, Operations, stated that, the necessity for the recent upgrade, was borne out of observations and feedback, from its users.

Plentywaka - cfamedia
Afolabi Oluseyi, VP, Operations, Plentywaka

“It became a necessity, to implement the option of an upgrade, for users to book more than one seat, per person per trip”, stated Afolabi.

This amongst others means that Plentywaka users can perform group bookings, provided on the upgraded multi-rider feature, on the app.

Plentywaka - cfamedia
PlentyWaka New App

Another new feature on the upgraded app is the introduction of a wallet system, called Wakapurse.

This allows users, to fund their wallet, with a minimum amount of N1,000, but beyond this, users can transfer funds, from their Wakapurse to other users’ Wakapurse wallets.

Plentywaka - cfamedia
Plentywaka Wakapurse view

Afolabi noted that the bus hailing app does not require your debit card details, like an average hailing ride, would demand.

The platform has gone ahead, to integrate a third merchant app that bypasses the necessity of users, inputting their card details.

With the 13-seater buses on Plentywaka platform, Afolabi believes that traffic congestion can be reduced by 34%

“One of our primary objectives, is to decongest our road network and by that, we are improving our life”, Afolabi noted.

Also speaking at the test run, Johnny Enagwolor, Managing Director and Co-founder, Plentywaka, noted that the bus hailing ride, has moved beyond its initial route of Ajah-CMS, while stating its necessity, to onboard more buses, on the platform.

Enagwolor Johnny, Managing Director and CoFounder, Plentywaka

“It has become pertinent for us, getting to a point, where we have to get more buses. People are asking for partnership, on the platform and we have launched Plentywaka vehicle partnership”, Johnny stressed.

Johnny, also, noted that the platform is testing the new model of the upgraded app, on the buses, for safety, convenience and comfort.

According to Johnny, buses coming on board the Plentywaka platform, guarantees N500,000-N800,000 per month, while the platform itself, obtains 30%, the partners get 70% of the return on investment.

“With the onboarding partnership structure, Plentywaka is, allowing people to bring buses, on the platform and earn a return on investment of 70%”, Johnny noted.

Plentywaka - cfamedia
Plentywaka Buses on the move

Johnny added that people planning to partner, but have no buses are, also, welcome on board, by coming up with a 30% equity contribution of the total cost of capital, or, assets, while stating that, the platform is, in collaboration, with a finance firm, to provide the larger cost of this alternative option of partnership.

With this partnership deals, the Managing Director believes that Plentywaka would get 100 buses on board and move beyond the Lagos Island axis.

Since its launch in September 2019, Plentywaka has seen, not less than, 15,000 downloads, from the app and Google play store, moved over 25,000 riders, with 80 pilots and Vehicle Assistants, who run periodic 8-hour shifts.

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