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Photo News: Everything That Happened At The 2018 Association of Nigeria Testers Conference

The third edition of the Association of Nigeria Software Testers (ANST) conference was held on 8th December, 2018. Participants gathered at Vibranium Valley, Ikeja. the innovation lab created by Venture Garden Group, to witness the biggest software testers convention of the year.

The conference was a perfect mix of developer-operations, (devops), software testing professionals and students who are attempting to start their career. Some of the testers in attendance work in diverse industries, including banks, fintechs, manufacturing, software development, security firms, hospitals, among others.

Who Are Software Testers?
Software development usually follow methodologies, (Agile, Lean or Scrum), that are created to enforce a continuous loop of development, testing and delivery. The importance of testing is emphasised because, it provides the much needed feedback, when a team wants to ensure the quality of its products being developed. The software tester is an unsung hero for most development projects: their role is to ensure that every possible case is covered before users interact with the products.

The Beginning
The conference was the result of something that started over 3-years ago with less than 10 people in a Whatsapp group. It was indeed a humble beginning: all they wanted was to give software testers voice and confidence in any team they may be part of. Testers should know that their role is relevant and essential to the production of faster, better, and less expensive software products.

Now, a community has grown around this idea and they are registered officially as a professional, non-profit organisation with the Federal Government of Nigeria. With the organisation’s focus to improve the software testing profession in Nigeria. Experts from several leading companies have come together and more people are joining daily. Being part of the community means getting access to training and certifications, learning best practices and new problem solving techniques from the community and getting referrals for jobs and career advancement, among other things.

Before the event, I spoke with some members of the organising committee and the dedication and devotion put into planning the event was enough to predict the awesomeness that was about to happen. I must say the organisers did not disappoint.

The Panel
One of the tenets of the event was to inspire students to get into profession. From survey conducted at the conference, majority of the practitioners did not set out from school to be software testers. They just found themselves doing it and they never left.

One of the objectives of ANST is to help practitioners understand the career path they have chosen. The event’s compere, watch him speak, narrated how he got into software testing and the growth his career has seen. His speech was an introduction to a panel session that discussed the issues relating to testing in Nigeria and around the world.

The Competition
Panelists, having discussions at the 2018 Association of Nigeria Software Testers (ANST) conference

The panel kicked off with a discussion on the state of software testing in Nigeria. James from Kenya, in red and black stripes in the photograph on the right above, gave his own take on the industry across Africa. The discussion, which you can watch here, moved on to how to grow, as a quality assurance, (QA), expert in your company.

Amarachi Nzekwe receiving her gift from the new president Odunayo Adesokan, after emerging top in the testing competition.

One of the highlights of the day was the competition. It was a game designed to build team spirit and foster the right culture in teams. People were asked to write the English alphabet from A-Z five different times and Amarachi Nzekwe won the competition and received a gift. She emerged winner by writing it 4 times in 5 minutes.  

Another winner receiving her gift. You can watch the video of the presentation here.
There was also a session where participants were taught how to test software with Protractor.
Cross-section of participants at the Conference. Everyone was a winner on that day.
New Executive Members Were Elected
The President-elect, Odunayo Adesokan, giving his vote-of-thanks during the closing hours of the event.

ANST mission is to improve the software testing profession in Nigeria by allowing software testers to be certified, connecting the Nigeria software testing community and encouraging innovation and best practices”
The newly elected executive members will serve for a 2-year single tenure, where they will push vigorously to achieve the mission statement of the organisation.

The two photograph below, shows other elected members of the Association

The photograph above, shows the Life time board Board-of-Directors and the newly elected members.