The Penetration of Technology In Africa; A job killer or creator?

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In the nearest future, the advancement in technology is, set to render some jobs, obsolete and traces of this happening are already more pronounced, in today’s world.

Automation has been able to limit errors, associated with humans and high productivity has been achieved. Artificial Intelligence has, also, been able to revolutionize, tons of things, with the ability to ‘think’, like humans.

All these allude to the fact that, gradually, the future of work is, set to change, drastically.

The question on everyone’s lip, however, is that, will all these technological advancements, be the vehicle, to usher in, more jobs for humans, or, will, global job creation, reduce, due to the existence of machines that are now, able to perform the tasks, associated with humans?

Narrowing it down to Africa, what does the future of work, hold for Africans, where there is massive cases of unemployment and over half of the people on the continent, still living below the poverty line?

Will the advancement of technology, create more jobs in Africa, or, will more Africans lose their jobs?

It has been projected that, by the year 2040, robots and automation, will take over 50% of jobs, globally and Africa is, set to be the worst hit.

In the latest report released, during the 2019 Ibrahim Forum, themed, ‘African’s Youth: Jobs, or, Migration?’, it was reported that, there are approximately, 2.6 million robots, in use, globally, with 1.4 million, expected to join in operation, before the end of the year, putting a big question mark, on half of the current jobs in existence, by as early as 2022.

While it is okay, to look at all these negatives, more attention should, also, be focused, on why Africans need to worry less, about technology, being a job killer.

The advance of technology has been, just what Africa needs, to propel herself forward.

Africa is, a large continent and the traditional banks have been having issues, reaching out to more people and some large parts of Africa, still, remain unbanked, but mobile money and Fintech companies, have been able, to change these narratives.

MTN mobile money and M-Pesa, have been able to provide millions of jobs. all over Africa and also provide an alternative means, of sending and receiving money, without having a bank account.

Farmcrowdy, Thrive Agric, Zowasel, AgroPartnership, etc., have been able, to revolutionize the Agricultural sector and provide jobs, for thousands of people, while, also, providing everyone, means to venture into Agriculture, via their mobile phone.

Technology in Africa is, creating more jobs, on daily basis and these trends, are going up. The only winner here is, humans and not machines.

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