Overview of The New Instagram App Called ‘Thread’

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The technological ecosystem is, always on the move and it is evolving, at an exponential rate.

Disruptive technology is, taking over, almost everything, in the tech ecosystem and it is, either, you get onboard, harness and tap into it, or, you get left behind and lose out on it, completely.

In its attempt, to always be at the forefront of technological advancement, in terms of messaging app, Instagram has decided, to develop and introduce a new app, called ‘Thread’.

Earlier this year, the stand-alone messaging app, ‘Direct’, by Instagram, was created to connect and create, more focus, on maintaining a connection, between close friends and family.

But due to the fact that the possibilities of it, fulfilling its potentials, was becoming slimmer, as the days went by, the idea of shutting it down, became more pronounced.

What is most troubling is that people seem not to have heard about it and all these prompted Instagram to shut it down.

‘Thread’, which, to a large extent is, an upgrade of the ‘Direct messaging app’, is now set to be unveiled, after some tinkering with the ‘Direct’ app.

The App is, expected to be better than the ‘Direct messaging app’, in the sense that, the ‘Thread messaging app’, will focus on building a stronger, closely knitted connection, between family members, groups, cohorts, etc.

One essential element of the Thread app, has to do, with the automatic share option that gives users, the ability to always update their status.

Although, it does not, currently, have the feature that shows the real-time location, of you, or, your friends, it is projected that the feature will soon be activated, as it gives a pinpoint analysis, relating to the real-time location, of you, or, anyone within your group.

Users can, also, see their friend’s status, in the central feed and a green dot will indicate, which friend is, currently on and also, if the friends, recently, updated their status.

It is expected that the Thread messaging app, will rival Snapchat.

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