Overthrowing Challenges Faced By Female Entrepreneurs

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Living in a world, where, the manpower is, highly regarded, in comparison to that of the formal counterpart, it is not very easy, for female entrepreneurs, to launch out, into their businesses, without a great number of them treated as, incapable.

Women-owned organizations exist, in minority and the challenges they face, are quite vast, in comparison to organisations, owned by men.

The basic challenge that female entrepreneurs face is, that they are, seen, as weaker vessels because, they are women.

In a business meeting, it is normal, to have more of the male gender, than the female gender.

This is why, some women CEOs adopt, male-like mannerisms and attitudes, while dealing with work and people, however, women, who have become successful business owners, believe that the true form of success is, in finding your own voice, in that organisation.

Founder and CEO, of Trunkettes, Hilary Genga, while speaking, on the challenges that women CEOs face, stresses the need for women, to maintain a clear and level head, of built-in confidence, void of conforming to a man’s notion of leadership.

Entrepreneurial success, links, to having a strong support network, however, according to an inc article, 48 percent of female founders, do not have good support and mentorships, for the growth of their organizations.

Women face the challenge of support in business. This encourages female-owned businesses, to support other businesses, owned by females.

The general challenge that, women have is, balancing family and work life. The woman is the lifeline, of a family, as believed by a general populace.

How does a woman, balance the needs of her home and that of her business as well?

The present shift in culture has given room, for more flexibility and allows women, to balance their home and work activities.

Technologies and upgraded culture, now allows women, to now run their homes and companies, simultaneously.

Every business owner thinks of failure and uses it, as a motivation, or, success, but Founder and CEO of Media Minefield, Kristi Piehl believes that, women are more affected, by the fear of failure and she advises women, not to allow such fears to limit their possibilities of dreaming big.

The solution, to the challenge of fear of failure is, for women to use such fear, as a motivation, to be successful.

CEO of the First Insurance and Workplace Wellness Exchange, in Asia, Rosaline Chow Koo, after hearing from her American investors, to be more confident, with her projections, during her business pitch, highlighted the place for women, to come to terms, with their insecurities.

Most women, do not feel like they have what it takes, to be profitable in business because, of certain mindsets of society.

Women are encouraged, not to look down on themselves, but are confident that, they, also, have what it takes, to, successfully, run a business.

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