Opinion: The Business Consequences of Excessive Work

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Working overtime excessively eventually leads to lowering the company’s productivity and ultimately produces losses.

Many employees remain working overtime without getting their employer’s compensation.

Although some employees have distinguished themselves during rush jobs, yet it doesn’t mean they should overuse time.

Rush jobs comes in the way, when a company fails to give clear priority to their tasks.

When there is excessive work in an organisation even when the number of staff for work is available there might still be rush work most especially when in a poorly organized company, certain work remains hanging.

Even with the digital revolution, many people still feel they cannot meet the demands of their employers and this puts them worried.

They ignore their personal lives in order to get their jobs done so they are not pushed out of the job by more efficient workers.

The amount of pressure and stress put on them weighs them down.

Excessive work gradually makes people unable to perform their duties gradually. They tend to not have any life besides their work and that gradually burns them out.

Working more and having absolutely zero rest time lowers productivity which has its negative effect on the company/ organization’s success and business at hand.

In the end, the business would face many employees requesting/ taking a sick leave or simply just perform below their previous level.

Although working long hours can increase the output of business, it can only be for a short period, if kept on continuously it would only be a short while before the workers get exhausted from the routines.

Businesses want to earn more and they need to attract more clients. With them doing their best to minimize the costs often results in giving its employees longer work hours.

Apart from the business consequence that results in the fall or fail of the business and inability to deliver effectively and efficiently.

it also takes a toll on the health of the employees which may result in depression and disconnection from life.

Therefore, the company or organisation loses eventually as there are fewer employees who can work under such conditions.

The solution to this is for companies to manage overtime, take steps to increase productivity during the regular workweek.

Ensure staffing levels are appropriate and reduce unscheduled absences by addressing the root cause(s) of them.

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A final year Mass Communication Student at Les Cours Sonou, University, Benin Republic. She is an art and media entrepreneur.

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