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The world as we know evolves every day.  There are new innovations daily and a vast advancement in technology.

A global move in the direction of digitalising human works, businesses, and daily activities, has changed the face of the global economy.

What we see today, as the large productive capacities, enormous business potentials and industrial revolutions in various firms, across the globe can get attributed to priceless efforts of men and women.

These people at the moment of dire need conceived and birthed great ideas, pivotal in the huge and positive turnaround of their firms and the business world.

Such a time has come upon the world at the moment. Rising from the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic, many nations are faced with challenging circumstances, as local and international markets are put in a dilemma.

It is no longer news that, the pandemic has induced losses in businesses, creating inflation and currency devaluation, in national economies and crippling production and trade activities.

These events are not without effects on employers and employees, for while the latter are exposed to risks of job losses, the former are scared of going out of business.

The fate of individuals, firms and the economy, now lies in their ability to initiate and engage positive ideas and productive thinking.

At these critical times, life and businesses are like a chess game. Every move counts and a wrong, or careless move, could prove fatal to survival possibilities.

Productive ideas and productive thinking; meaning and benefits

The reality of uncertainty, as revealed by the post-pandemic experiences in the business world, dawns on the world at large.

It is crystal clear that, if entrepreneurs and the government must escape an impending recession, then, they must unlearn the art of doing business the same way they were doing, prior to the pandemic.

Positive ideas and productive thinking entail, employing the senses, imagination and intelligence, in critical problem-solving.

With limited resources, economical challenges and trade turbulence, all acting as clogs in the wheel of the progress of global commerce and industries, people are needed, to profer solutions on how to;

Effectively, manage available resources, reduce costs, create new brands, or re-brand and repackage existing products to retain market values and images, create alternative products and explore alternative means of production.

This will turn the odds to the advantage of firms and their prospective clients, or customers.

Nations must increase their export options, promote local industries, adopt strategies to create local alternatives, or substitutes for imports and encourage indigenous technological innovations.

The weight of these responsibilities will rest on the shoulders of thinkers.

If employees will keep their jobs; if an entrepreneur will stand out among competitors and contemporaries; if a nation will rise tall, as an economic giant in the post-pandemic times, then, productive ideas and positive thinking are imperative, as necessary catalysts for such conquest.

Growing the art of conception of productive ideas and positive thinking

To make a difference, it is necessary that, something must get done, definitively and differently.

Developing positive thinking abilities and orchestrating ones’ mental capabilities, into conceiving positive ideas is a deliberate job that requires so much discipline. It requires:

Development of appetites for learning; a proper study, or knowledge of problems, available resources and relevant factors, is handy in the conception of great ideas and problem-solving strategies.

This must get done, by individuals for personal development and encouraged by firms and government, through the exposure of employees to training, seminars and courses that help develop their problem-solving instincts and sharpen their mind, for conceiving productive ideas.


Being flexible in thinking and open to embracing possibilities is, another important attribute and necessary attitude of great thinkers.

Negativity clouds one’s sense of judgment. To be a creative thinker, one does not discard an idea, or rule the probability of the success of an option, until it is tested.

Hard work

Only people who are ready to go the extra mile, put in more passion and commitment, push past limits and to the edge, in their pursuit of set goals are capable of birthing new ideas.

A great idea that, would not, only, transform our lives, but revive the economy and impart lives, is lurking in the hearts of men.

The world is waiting for the next generation of thinkers and brilliant ideas that would produce relevant solutions, to the present economic challenges and restore the balance.

Would you be one?

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