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Online Safety: Why Leave the “Unknown Sources” Open?

Online Safety

There are no tricks to get rid of stubborn belly fat that require you to install an app that isn’t on the Google Play Store. We spend a whole lot of time on Google Play Store searching for the best antivirus application that will prevent our smartphones from getting infected by malwares, without necessarily doing the “Simple Thing”.

The problem is you, you have failed to be proactive in many security occasions. You may be astonished to know that the successful hacks nowadays have nothing or little to do with directly exploiting a service in order to gain access to your information. It appears to me, more often than not, the weakest point in this whole hacking process is the user.

If you can start giving out your details or credentials, ordinarily because you see a pop-up ad or a false login screen, then, there’s no need to be more sophisticated about hacking. You are already making the job very easy, because you’ve ignorantly and purposely handed that information over. With such information, the job is done and that marks the beginning of your digital loss. That information gets fed to a the hacker who attempts to break into your accounts on your behalf.

Most people do not have an idea of what it feels like been hacked. If you have ever been infected with a malware on your device, your perception and thoughts about security issues would become salient to you. You can make the job very difficult for these guys, despite the fact that they are becoming more of an ecosystem in terms of organization.

Sadly, there is not perfect way to avoid this kind of social engineering, you just need to be proactive. If you want to keep your device and your accounts free from this kind of malware, you’re going to need to look before you tap.

What is the “Simple Thing”?

“You always leave ‘Unknown sources’ enabled”

online safety

I cannot stress this enough, because that is first step in protecting our device from the dangers of virus, malware etc from the mobile application landscape. Your android smartphone does not restrict you from downloading and installing other applications that is not from Google Play Store. This is a great feature in my view, at least you the access to other applications, but that is where the problem lies. That is why Android smartphones are known for flexibility and openness.

Unfortunately, very few apps that ask you to enable this feature to install an app tell you to go back and disable this feature once the app is installed. No matter how tech savvy you think you are, leaving this particular door open on your smartphone is something that should never happen.

This is something everyone should do:

Click Settings on your device
Scroll to security
Locate the option labeled Unknown sources
Uncheck the box