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Newspapers used to be the ‘main thing’ for recruiters and job seekers until online recruitment sites came on board.

As it is, job adverts aside, more people are giving time frames for when newspapers will totally lose their relevance.

On January 29, 2020, one of the world’s richest men and a former newspaper delivery boy, Warren Buffet, sold his newspaper business for $140million, to Lee Enterprises Inc., in the light of declining sales.

A decline in sales, coupled with the many benefits online job posting sites offer, it is easy to see why the many predictions are flying around.

Disadvantages of Newspaper Adverts for Job Recruitment include:

Limited Target Audience

Placing job adverts in newspapers limits the scope of the search. This is because, many newspapers are limited to small towns, or cities and the immediate areas, surrounding them.

Only some big newspapers have national reach in Nigeria, where adverts placed in them, are capable of getting to every nook and cranny of the country.

In contrast, job adverts posted on online recruitment sites, can get viewed and elicit responses, from a wide range of people, across the country.

Lifespan of Newspaper

Adverts in newspapers, usually have a limited time period.

When applicants view a job advert, after a day, or two, there is comparatively, less chance of a diverse response, from the job seekers.

This is in addition to, how buying different newspapers on a daily, or weekly basis, can be pocket-draining.

Slow Publishing Process for Employers

To place a newspaper advert, employers have to contact preferred newspapers in advance.

The constant back and forth, for details on location, price and formatting, among others, can waste some valuable time, while trying to place adventures in newspapers.

The issue of employers, not meeting set deadlines, by the newspaper can come up.

Failure to meet deadlines may result in companies/employers, waiting until the next issue, depending on whether the preferred newspaper is, a weekly, or monthly edition.

In the case of any error in details on newspaper adverts, it cannot get corrected, as can easily be done, with online recruitment sites.

The end result is that employers may not get the most, out of their job adverts, due to the slow process and rigid guidelines involved, in running adverts on newspapers.

Benefits of online job recruitment sites include the following:

Wider Reach

With online job posting sites, or platforms, recruiters can gain exposure, to a wide range of job seekers.

This is unlike placing job adverts on newspapers, where only people, within an area, or town can apply.

With the flexibility that online advertising gives, recruiters can chop off, or edit resources, to gain more people, coming through.

The wider the reach, the more chances of finding the right employees.

Ease of Use

Job adverts on websites can get advertised quickly and applicants can start applying.

With online recruitment, applications and vacancy management processes, become easier to manage and track.

This way, recruiters can, exactly, get informed about what is happening with their online recruitment advertising campaigns.

Recruitment strategies can get fine-tuned and developed, to make the most, out of future online job ads.

Recruitment advertising reports can get used to determine where the best talent is coming from and to help companies make more informed recruitment decisions.

Round-the-clock Applications

An online job advert, compared to the traditional newspaper advert, has the added benefit, of providing recruiters with more value for their money.

Candidates can see and apply for roles from anywhere and they can send in their application, at any time of the day, even, during weekends.

With the mode of operation that newspapers have adopted, it is almost the case that, they cannot meet up with the fast-paced demands of recruiters, or job seekers.

There could be adjustments to improve slow processes and strict guidelines. But the discourse of running adverts on newspapers is, gradually becoming a thing of the past.

This is, especially, so with technology improving, day by day.

As it stands, online recruitment sites are proving to be more effective, for job seekers and hiring companies, than job adverts placed in newspapers.

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